Mobile copy of Fortnite released on Android and iOS

Creative Destruction
Written by Hassan Abbas

While Epic Games only plans to release its hit on Android, competitors are already in full swing with fans of the royal battle.

The incredible popularity of Fortnite does not allow developers of mobile games to sleep peacefully – they also want to release something like that and swim in profits. Attempts have been made already very much, but most copies are so worse than the original that you have not even heard of them. Creators of Creative Destruction decided to go the other way and immediately sent their product to Google Play, while Fortnite only promised to run on this platform. Of course, you can not call these two games equal competitors, but so far the novelty has every chance to collect a good base of gamers who appreciate battles on the Internet.

Creative Destruction

Creative Destruction

Creative Destruction is a classic royal battle with elements of construction and a destructible virtual world. Actually, already from the name, you can guess that an important part of the gameplay is the erection of defensive structures. It is this feature of Fortnite stands out against the background of the rest of the genre.

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However, the developers of the “copy” decided to take on board not only this zest but also the overall visual style of the project, management, arsenal of weapons and everything in that spirit. Why create something of your own, if you already have a successful template, you just need to provide a little more graphics.

Creative Destruction
Creative Destruction
Developer: NetEase Games
Price: To be announced

Initially, gamers were very skeptical, because most copies of the famous project look awful. However, the developers of Creative Destruction were able to realize their work very well – management is responsive, graphics can fight even on the simplest smartphones, there are a lot of bonuses for daily visits to the game. It is interesting to fight with opponents, although there is a feeling that most of the enemies are bots. People cannot shoot that bad, right? A copy of Fortnite came out immediately on Android and iOS, so anyone else can try the next royal battle.

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