Mobile Chrome Has Received Support for AR, VR and Horizontal Tab Scrolling

Mobile Chrome Updated
Written by Hassan Abbas

Google upgraded its proprietary mobile browser to the version with the index of 67. The update is likely to be of interest to developers because of the appearance of the API for augmented (AR) and virtual realities (VR). But the new version of Chrome will appeal to ordinary users – in addition to standard bug fixes and stability improvements, the browser has the option to enable horizontal scrolling of tabs.

Mobile Chrome Updated

Chrome on Mobile

Although Chrome also learned to scroll tabs horizontally, this function is available only when the corresponding item is activated from the menu for developers:

  • You need to type chrome://flags/#enable-horizontal-tab-switcher into the address bar and click on “Enter”.
  • If the user wants to return the standard scrolling, he will have to go to chrome: // lags/#disable-horizontal-tab-switcher.

Apparently, the horizontal scrolling of the tabs is currently being tested. About its appearance, it became known at the end of May thanks to the updated Chrome Canary.

Also, Google has released an API for implementing augmented and virtual realities in a mobile browser. The “Corporation of Good” was planning on this in January 2018, when it demonstrated its ideas in the official blog.

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