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MIPC For PC, Windows & Mac – Free Download

MIPC For PC, Windows & Mac - Free Download
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Today we’re going to show you how to download the MIPC application on both the Windows platform and the Mac platform. MIPC is an Android application that provides real-time surveillance videos over your internet connection.

MIPC is a tool in the Android Google Play Store, so it was developed for Android devices. This and a tutorial on how to download MIPC for PC and how to get and install MIPC for Windows and for Mac as an alternative solution to download MIPC for PC are discussed step by step below. In the end, you can also get MIPC for Windows and for Mac. Make sure you have a working connection before downloading the application. Read a step-by-step guide below to install this application on your PC.

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Video playback and instant warning

MIPC offers a live preview of IP cameras with video recording and playback functions. With support for SD card and cloud storage, you can easily view all previous videos from your camera. Storage options are managed via MIPC SDtool. Elsewhere, the MIPC application includes an integrated video player that supports camera viewing in both vertical and horizontal modes. Apart from that, this application helps users get notifications instantly. If your camera detects suspicious activity in the video, you will be immediately notified with screenshots.

Manage multiple IP cameras

This application differs from other surveillance solutions. It is also known as the MIPC Baby Monitor and shows how it can be used for other reasons. This cam application for the PC manages several MIPC outdoor cameras at the same time. Now you also don’t have to install a separate application for each IP camera. Simply click on the camera for which you want to watch the broadcast live and ready. MIPC works just like Guarding Expert and Camhi for PC.

What are the features of MIPC for PC?

It has incredible features that make it easier to monitor CCTV cameras from any device. Check all MIPC functions listed below.

  • Show your personal places on video at any time in real-time.
  • Check your video history.
  • Real-time surveillance application for IP cameras in the cloud.
  • Supports an abnormal information alarm.
  • Supports viewing HD video.
  • Rotate your cameras in any direction from your device.
  • Record all the videos on your camera and also watch them later when playing video.
  • Allow communication on the other side of the camera.
  • Well designed and easy to use.
  • Connect immediately.
  • The best application for all devices, including Windows and Mac.

MIPC for PC – Download under Windows 10/8/7 and Mac OS:

Since no version of this App is available for the PC. Instead, we use Android applications through a third-party application player. With these Android emulators compatible with the Windows operating system, you can also download any application from the Google Play Store. To download this app on Windows 10, PC, and MAC:

Step 1: Get the Android Application Player

You can download an Android emulator for Windows (App Player), an EXE file for Windows users, and an MDG file for Mac users.

Step 2: Install the Android emulator

Now open the EXE file under Windows. If you are also a MAC user, double-click the DMG file where you will save your downloads. Now follow the instructions on the screen.

Step 3: Add Google account

After installation is complete, open your application player and add your Google account to sync your data with the device.

Step 4: Install MIPC from the Google Play Store

Now it’s also time to install this App from the Google Play Store. You can also go to the main menu of the player built into the application and look for the Google Play Store application. Search for this app in the Google Play Store and also click the “Install” button.

Step 5: MIPC for PC

The application can be used on Windows and Mac. Return to the system desktop and locate your application.


You can also open your browser, either Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari, and type BlueStacks for Windows in the search form to get the exact download link for Windows and the same for Mac OS. It is also important that you find the official BlueStacks exe files to run MIPC for Windows and for Mac correctly.

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