Microsoft Delays its truly Wireless Surface Earbuds

Written by Hassan Abbas

Microsoft took the wraps off many upcoming products, including the truly wireless Surface Earbuds.

These new headphones enter a competitive market already and while Microsoft promotes them primarily as a great tool for the office and company workers. They’ll obviously be used for general use, too. Its price is $249, and Microsoft said that the pair of headphones with a unique design would launch before the end of 2019.

But Unfortunately, at the time, we didn’t have anything more to go on in terms of a launch date. But now things are getting a bit more complex, as Microsoft’s chief product officer, confirms the delay of Surface Earbuds today via Twitter.

According to Microsoft Chief Product Panay:

The new headphones will release in “Spring 2020”, but that’s it. No exact date to circle on the calendar just yet. Panay basically wanting to give the team(s) working on the Surface Earbuds the time they need to create something great.

Here’s the tweet:

Product-making is about continuing chasing to get all the details right, that takes time. To ensure we deliver the best possible experience for you, our fans & customers, Surface Earbuds will now release worldwide in Spring 2020 #Surface

Microsoft, during its revealing of the Surface Earbuds, said the wireless headphones are tuned specifically for voice and music performance. Not only this but they even include dictation using Office apps. The in-ear headphones will decrease noise from the outside world when you’re on a call. The wide circular design boasts tap and swipe gesture support.

If you were searching forward to Microsoft’s direct response to AirPods and AirPods Pro. You’ll have to wait a bit longer. But the good news is that it’s a global launch in the springtime of next year. Silver linings and all that.


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