Microsoft will Stop Releasing the Usual Updates for Windows 10

Windows 10
Written by Hassan Abbas

Users will be provided with only monthly Express Update, which will take into account the most necessary missing components.

Microsoft announced plans to halt the distribution of Delta Update Windows 10, starting February 12, 2019. Instead, the company will use only express updates (Express Update).

Windows 10

Windows 10

The software giant in 2016 introduced cumulative updates for its operating system to “reduce fragmentation of the ecosystem and simplify the upgrade for administrators and end users.” However, as practice showed, they had two significant drawbacks. First, there is no choice of installation components, and secondly, the constantly increasing size of updates, which often reached more than 1GB.

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In 2017 the company partially solved the problem with the size, presenting the differentiation of the update packages:

  • Full Update is a major update that includes all components and files added to the latest cumulative packages.
  • Delta Update only contains changes from the previous cumulative package, so they are significantly smaller in size.
  • Express Update – downloads only what is required for each component from the Full Update package.
Update Size

Update Size

Delta-updates, as a rule, have the size from 300 to 500 MB. Their use is mainly due to the limitation of the protocol of express updates. In January 2017, Microsoft extended the protocol, allowing devices to connect not only to Windows Update and Windows Server Update Services but also to third-party update management systems. The advantage of “express” before “delta”, in addition to the size, is also that this package does not require the mandatory installation of updates for the previous month.

Windows 10 (1809) will be the latest version of the operating system that supports delta updates.

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