Microsoft will Not Force its New Studio to do Multiplayer

microsoft studio
Written by Hassan Abbas

One of the most unexpected news of the past E3 2018 – a major expansion of the game division of Microsoft. The corporation acquired four third-party studios and opened another new one ( for more details – here ). A logical question arises: what for? What will these teams do under the Xbox wing?

No clear answer so far – none of the acquired companies announced their next games. But Microsoft is already ready to define a line of behavior and in the most general outlines to tell, what projects it is necessary to expect.

microsoft studio

microsoft studio

Boss Microsoft Studios Matt Booty (Matt Booty) commented on the portal Metro Gaming. According to Buti, Microsoft sees both groups of gamers: both those who like solitary adventures, and those who prefer to spend time together with a community of like-minded people (in other words, in multiplayer). And the latter becomes more and more, Buti assures. And if players are looking for multiplayer entertainment, Microsoft will try to meet demand.

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However, they say, the company does not have a strictly limited strategy for games. If Ninja Theory or Compulsion Games want to do something that does not have multiplayer at all, Microsoft will not interfere with them. The corporation wants newcomers to create those games that seem right to them. In addition, Buti mentioned that with the help of just-bornThe Initiative Xbox bosses are hoping to launch fresh intellectual property.

We have reason to trust Buti’s statements: it would be strange to acquire Ninja Theory just to make it do multiplayer games. The studio became famous only for single stories – Heavenly Sword, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, DmC: Devil May Cry and Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice.

In addition, during the E3 2018 Ninja Theory published an appeal to the fans, where she told about her view of the situation. According to the bosses of the studio, before the merger, they put Microsoft conditions:”We want to be free of the machine for producing AAA and make games that focus on impressions, not monetization. We want to go for greater creative risks, create games that will form genres, and not be under a constant threat of closure. We want to make games as we see fit, and do not receive orders what and how to deal with. ” Simply put, Ninja Theory asked for complete creative independence.

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Ninja Theory expected that Microsoft would end the negotiations on this. But suddenly the corporation agreed and even promised support from its marketing, research and technology teams. To Ninja Theory believe in promises, Microsoft invited the employees of the studio to talk face to face with the heads of other companies in the Xbox family. Apparently, Ninja Theory was pleased with what she heard.

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