Microsoft Warns About Technical Support Scams

Written by Hassan Abbas

On the Internet, we can find very sophisticated methods to try to cheat and steal people, although something as “simple” as social engineering continues to give very good results to scammers.This has been confirmed again by Microsoft, a company that ensures that technical support scams increased by 24% in 2017 (compared to the previous year). 15% of those affected lost between 200 and 400 dollars.

One of the most common scams on the Internet

Cybercriminals have been using this type of methods for decades, using different techniques to deceive their victims:

  • Calling by phone and posing as technical support workers
  • False member emails from technical support
  • Web pages with deceptive pop-ups
  • Webs show advertisements of supposed antivirus that indicate that our equipment is infected
  • Malware that shows error messages that are false


With all these methods, the victim is expected to call a telephone number where he is supposed to contact Microsoft technical support to solve this problem.

The false technical service is the most detected threat in every country.

The infection is false, in the same way that we are not calling Windows technical support. It is then when the victims make a payment to solve a problem that does not exist.

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This type of scams also triumphs in the world, a place where false technical support is the most detected threat. In its report, Microsoft states that in 2017 they received 153,000 reports of victims belonging to 183 countries.

Anyway, they assure that it is not an isolated case of Windows , and in its entry make it clear that it is a problem that also affects the users of macOS, Android and iOS.

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