Microsoft Wants to Have iMessage on Windows Officially

Microsoft iMessage on Windows
Written by Hassan Abbas

Earlier this week the Microsoft developer conference was held. In it, the Redmond team unveiled a new Windows app called Your Phone that our colleagues at Xataka Móvil have already thoroughly tested.

Briefly, it is a way to have an Android or iPhone mobile integrated with Windows to receive your notifications, emails, messages and other utilities. It is a kind of Continuity that brings files and notifications to the PC.

Microsoft iMessage on Windows

A request that has not yet been made

On the occasion of this conference, the media The Verge was able to interview Joe Belfiore and Shilpa Ranganathan, responsible for the development of Windows, who expressed their desire to have iMessage on their platform. According to Ranganathan:

We will have the photos and notifications of iOS as well. Apple makes it more complicated for messages, but we are willing to work with Apple. [There are already third-party apps that use some shortcuts] We want to do it, but in a way that is supported and is respectful of the ecosystem we are building, at the same time that we make it a pleasant experience. iMessage is an area where we are not where we need to be compared to Android, but we need to work with Apple.

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Despite this desire, the company founded by Bill Gates has not asked Apple if it would be willing to collaborate in this initiative. This would be the first step for iMessage to have native support in Windows, although we can imagine what they will think of Cupertino۔

iMessage is one of Apple’s flagship services, which keeps many users attached to its products

In the past, we have seen the debate over iMessage on Android and the possibility of this happening. iMessage is a very popular service in the US, where a very significant part of the population has an iPhone. Many users consider it a fundamental part of their experience, where their contacts have bubbles of blue color in the messaging app.

We must remember that Apple is not WhatsApp, Facebook or WeChat. Your concerns are complete products and not a small part of them such as a courier service. Opening iMessage to third parties has very little to gain and a lot to lose.

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