Microsoft Store has a new Linux distribution

Written by Hassan Abbas

Almost all popular Linux distributions are already available in the Microsoft Store, this allows developers to use various Linux tools in a Windows environment. Now in the application store, there is another distribution, which, unlike the others, is specially optimized for the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) subsystem.

Linux is developed by the Whitewater Foundry development team, it is based on Debian, has a smaller size and better compatibility with the standards. Thanks to this, users can quickly get started. In addition, according to Whitewater Foundry, their custom Linux allows you to quickly fix security and compatibility problems that arise from time to time between source distributions and WSL.


Main features of Linux:

  • A fast Linux terminal and development environment for developers and advanced users built on the WSL subsystem in Windows 10.
  • Customizable popular development tools, including git and python3. Additional packages can be easily installed via the apt package management system.
  • Built-in support for most Linux graphical applications without the need to configure display parameters or libGL (requires an X-client for Windows, for example, X410).
  • The presence of wslu, a pre-installed set of open source utilities for the interaction between Linux and Windows 10.
  • Up-to-date updates and community support.
  • Removed several unnecessary packages, including system, to improve stability and security.

At the moment, the Linux distribution is offered in the Microsoft Store for $9.99, which is twice less than its usual cost.

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