Microsoft Now Lets You Make a Mac App

Written by Hassan Abbas is a modern personal email from Microsoft. It has a fresh design. It connects your email to your contacts’ information from Facebook and Twitter. Not only this but it also allows you to make video calls. It also gives you a smarter inbox with the power of Office and SkyDrive. And, because email is personal, it keeps you in control of your private data.

Like most of you reading this in the Microsoft ecosystem, I am the user of the Outlook desktop client. The Outlook desktop app that ships as part of Microsoft’s Office suite can be quite messy. But now Mac users will be able to install its web app into macOS, Chrome OS, Windows, and other platforms. As it natively supports Progressive Web Apps (PWA). is the consumer version of Outlook on the Web.

If we compare it with traditional web apps, PWAs offer better caching, notification features and background functionality. It makes them feel more like traditional apps. But special thanks to modern web technologies such as JavaScript (JS) and HTML5, PWAs run in a web browser and don’t require separate distribution. Besides everything PWAs can also be used on your Mac, iPhone, and iPad and be kept on the Home screen without any difficulty of an app store.

According to Thurrot:

User Nick DeLena spotted an install button for while using the service in the Brave browser. During its writing time, however, it couldn’t be installed through other browsers like Safari or the Chromium version of Microsoft Edge.

The Verge has more:

If you are using a Chromium browser like Brave or Chrome, then the support is live right now. You can simply ‘install’ from the address bar and it will be treated as if it’s a native app in macOS or windows.

The company is also experimenting bringing Gmail, Google Drive and Google Calendar support to with a small set of users.


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