Microsoft has Announced a New Design for Office

New Design for Office
Written by Hassan Abbas

The company Microsoft announced the update of the user interface for Word programs, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, included in the office suite Office 365 and The new design is aimed at simplifying the work with documents and will be tested in the next few months based on feedback from users, after which it will be made available to all.

New Design for Office

New Design for Office

According to information from the official Microsoft blog, the updated Office interface is based on three innovations – a simplified ribbon, new colors and icons, and improved search. The redesigned toolbar is more compact and understandable, although users will still be able to return to the classic three-line version. The search engine, which the company called the “zero search query”, will get the integration of Microsoft Graph and artificial intelligence technologies. Due to this, the search string will learn how to offer recommendations to documents, contacts, and events every time the user points the cursor at it.

Deployment of the update will begin with the online version of Word Online, available on the site In July, a simplified ribbon will appear in Outlook for Windows 10, the redesign of the mail service for Mac will take place in August. Participants of Windows Insider will have access to testing Word, Excel, and PowerPoint with a new design at the end of this month. The date of stable release is not announced.

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Recall that the upcoming Office 2019 will cease to support the previous generations of the operating system Microsoft (Windows 7 and 8.1), being compatible only with Windows 10.

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