Microsoft has Added File Sharing from Android to Windows 10

File Sharing on Windows 10
Written by Hassan Abbas

A long-awaited feature has been implemented, blurring the boundaries between iOS, Android and Windows 10. But in the testing mode, not everything works.

Microsoft released a new test build of Windows 10 under the number 17728 (RS5), one of the main innovations in which was the working application Your Phone – announced at the Build 2018 conference utility designed to create a single working environment between mobile devices and computers running Windows 10.

File Sharing on Windows 10

File Sharing on Windows 10

Your Phone is an analog of the system function “Continuity”, appeared on the platforms from Apple with the release of iOS 8 and macOS X Yosemite. It is expected that this application will allow you to exchange files between mobile devices and gadgets on Windows 10 in Drag-and-drop mode, reply from the computer to SMS messages, use a single clipboard on multiple devices, continue with Windows 10 incomplete on a smartphone work (for example, reading a site or editing a document) and vice versa.

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In the assembly of Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17728 (RS5) application Your Phone has earned, but so far with limitations: first, at the moment the functionality of the program allows only drag photos from the smartphone to the computer and vice versa; Secondly, now Your Phone works exclusively with devices running Android.

It is expected that a stable version of Your Phone with full functionality will work with the release of a major update of Windows 10 called Redstone 5. Its release is scheduled for autumn 2018.

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