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Microsoft Edge receives a new Avast extension and has nothing to do with the security of our team

Written by Hassan Abbas

One of the negative points with which Microsoft Edge came to market referred to the lack of extensions it had. Above all, it paled when compared to the competition where the options are overwhelming with extensions almost for any type of task and function

The time has passed and although the imbalance is still there, little by little the Microsoft browser has been receiving improvements in the form of updates and extensions. Within this last group, we find now a new complement that arrives signed by Avast, company that we all know thanks to its popular antivirus.

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But let’s not make a mistake: the new Avast extension that reaches the Microsoft Store has nothing to do with the cyber protection of our computer and the operating system. Under the name Avast SafePrice, its role is totally different.SafePrice

More or less with “SafePrice”, we can intuit where the road is going, because the object of this add-on is to help the user to find the best price when he wants to make a purchase over the Internet. It is something like a comparator and price finder.

To do this, once installed, “Avast SafePrice” is responsible for analyzing our searches. When we go to buy a product, regardless of the website where we do it, the Avast extension analyzes the product and looks for alternatives to the same product in other websites in case any of us find it more interesting.

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Microsoft Edge increases its catalogue of extensions with this new feature, which we can find both in Google Chrome and in Mozilla. To get it, you must go to the Microsoft Store and download it at zero cost.

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