Microsoft closed the universal Office for Windows 10

Microsoft Universal Office
Written by Hassan Abbas

The company prioritizes the development of applications for Android, iOS, Win32 and their web versions for browsers.

In the operating system Windows 8.1, Microsoft first introduced the Office universal office suite, designed for smartphones, laptops, and tablets with a touchscreen. Work on Word Mobile, Excel Mobile and PowerPoint Mobile began more than five years ago, applications have been regularly updated since then and have received support for Windows 10 with the UWP platform. But now that the software giant has closed Windows 10 Mobile, it was decided to stop the development and the universal version of Office.

Microsoft Universal Office

Office mobile applications with touch screen optimizations are still available in the Microsoft Store and are not yet completely dead, but Microsoft is no longer developing new features for them. The company officially confirmed this information in a statement to theverge.

“Currently, we give priority to the development of versions of our applications for Android, iOS and Win32, as well as Web versions for Windows”, – from the statement of the representative of Microsoft.

On the one hand, Microsoft’s decision is not surprising. The classic office suite is the most functional and has proven itself as a convenient solution in the corporate segment. Creating a copy of Office for desktop computers is unnecessary and would make sense when there was a promotion of Windows on tablets and smartphones. But now it does not matter.

On the other hand, this step is not without its costs. Microsoft is trying to force developers to create universal applications for Windows, but they do not have incentives to do it – now the UWP-platform allows you to quickly and easily turn Win32-applications into universal ones, so there is no sense in developing such programs from scratch. In addition, the company’s own prioritization makes it clear that the classic versions of applications, including Office, will remain the only fully-fledged ones.

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Today Microsoft uses UWP-applications with a touch interface on devices such as HoloLens and Surface Hub. Obviously, to replace the same Office and other popular programs will come to their Web version. The software giant has only to bring them to the appropriate level – web standards and progressive web applications allow.

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