Microsoft Bury the Concept of UWP?

Written by Hassan Abbas

Microsoft under Mathieu Nadille has become more pragmatic. The company is not exchanging trifles, not fixated on many of its products and is ready to use third-party solutions. Take, for example, the Skype messenger, which is currently available in several versions: as a UWP application for Windows 10 and a program based on the GitHub-developed Electron framework for Windows 7/8, MacOS and Linux. Soon there should be one more unified version, created on the platform React Native, owned by Facebook.

According to the German resource Windows United, Microsoft is already porting Skype to React Native, and the beta version of the messenger will be launched in the very near future. React Native is a framework for developing cross-platform applications for iOS and Android exclusively in JavaScript.



According to the source, in the future Microsoft plans to finally transfer Skype to React Native, thereby refusing to further develop the messenger for the Universal Windows platform. The beta version of Skype on React Native should replace all current versions of the messenger. Despite the fact that the company has tools such as Xamarin, .NET Framework, .NET Core for creating cross-platform applications in C #, React Native looks much simpler and, perhaps, more promising.

Many foreign resources regarded such a step on the part of Microsoft as a rejection of the UWP platform, which in principle lost its meaning without the operating system Windows 10 Mobile. Given that in classical applications, web technologies are becoming more popular, its future remains a big question.

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However, on the other hand, everything is not so simple. The choice in favor of React Native implies that Microsoft will most likely leave the spare Xamarin framework on the bench, and the new Skype version being developed is created for the Universal Windows platform. After React Native has long secured the support of Microsoft and Windows 10.

Via: mspoweruser

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