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Microscopic robots Will Help Treat People

Microscopic robots
Written by Hassan Abbas

According to MIT engineers, in the future, tiny robots will be launched into the body for the treatment of various diseases.

Engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) implemented the concept used in many films – they developed microscopic robots that can penetrate the body and perform tasks. Moreover, as the researchers say, the technology can be used for other purposes: for example, for diagnosing gas and oil pipelines or cleaning air from hazardous substances.

Microscopic robots

Microscopic robots

Dimensions of robots range from one billionth to one-millionth of a meter, which makes it possible to compare them with the cells of living organisms. Because of the tiny dimensions, the devices are able to penetrate any hard-to-reach places. Moreover, in view of working on photodiode semiconductors, robots do not require recharging, since they convert light to generate energy. Each individual device is equipped with a corner reflector, which allows you to track it.

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Do not expect the active introduction of such robots into medicine in the near future – microscopic robots must go through years of tests and improvements. Nevertheless, even now one can say that such solutions will make it possible to significantly simplify the conduct of serious operations in the future

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