MHGU Damage Calculator For PC [Mac & Windows]

MHGU Damage Calculator
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If you want to install MHGU Damage Calculator for PC, Mac, and Windows then stay with us and read the rest of the article. MHGU Damage Calculator is available to download for free on mobile devices. But in this guide, we will tell you how you can install or download MHGU Damage Calculator for PC. You can use any method to install the app. Dive down below to know all about MHGU Damage Calculator for PC, Windows, and Mac.

MHGU Damage Calculator Intro:

This app is a portable calculator used for computing the total amount of damage your weapon’s moves can do. Whether it isPalico or a Gunner weapon. The app is best for weapons comparison to get the most out of your hunts.

I know what you’re thinking – this is going to be very difficult as it’ll blow your mind. But, it’s not! I’ll try my best to use layman’s terms as I write this article. While writing weapon guides like Charge Axe, damage calculation becomes very difficult to understand how to effectively use and select, your weapon. Well, I’ll take a top-down approach while explaining how damage is calculated.

Damage Calculation:

Damage = [Physical damage] + [Elemental Damage] * Overall Defense

The whole defense is a specified percentage that modifies depending on the quest. That is why “powered up” quests have monsters that have not only more HP but are difficult to break parts as well. For your ease, suppose that:

  • Village:                  100%
  • Low Rank:             85-95%
  • High Rank:            75-85%
  • High guild/event:    70%

Well, so if you do the same quest in the online part of a solo game, you are fighting with a monster that is about 25% higher defense. However, they can do this because you’ll be online with other players. Okay, come let’s break down the damage formula.

Physical Damage = [Power * Motion value * Effectiveness]

Power means the weapon’s attack and it is divided by a special factor for that weapon. Like:

  • Hammer/Horn: 5.2
  • Switch Axe: 5.4
  • Great Sword: 4.8
  • Charge Axe: 3.6
  • Long Sword: 3.3
  • Insect Staff: 3.1
  • Lance/Gunlance: 2.3
  • Heavy Bowgun: 1.5
  • SnS/Dual Swords: 1.4
  • Light Bowgun: 1.3
  • Bow 1.2

So, if you are dealing with a Charge Axe with an attack of 648 then the power is = 180 (648 / 3.6). However, the power is the same just like a Great Sword with the attack power mentioned as 864, which also equals 180.

But what happened if your weapon offers affinity (chance of critical rate)? The expected power calculation is very easy or simple. Keep in mind that, a critical hit is 1.25x the attack power.

Expected Power = Attack x (1 + 0.25 x (critical rate/100))

So if Charge Axe [648] carried a 25 percentage affinity (the Shagaru Charge Axe) then the estimated power is: 648 * (1 +0.25 * (25/100)) = 688 attack

So come let’s split it by the weapon factor which is: 688 / 3.6 = 191 power

Motion Values:

Motion value is each attack value. Hunters face too much trouble to check out these numbers. They kick small monsters and then use a move to check how many kicks on top of that are needed to kill it. The slower the animation = the higher the number = the more damage it does.

So come let’s check the initial draw or Charge Axe to sword motion value is 17. The simplest way to think of it is that the weapon offers a power of 191 ar. The motion value is the total percentage of that power is used. So 17 = 17% of its total power (32). Also, we check the effectiveness of the attack is to the specific body part of the monster. For Shagaru Magala, its head is weak so 65% effectiveness is calculated for cutting damage. So the damage we calculate to sword attack on its head is 32 * 0.65 = 21 damage. Come let’s check how to get that:

648+25% affinity = 688 power / 3.6 = 191 expected power * 17 (motion) = 32 damage * 65% effectiveness = 21 damage!

But what if it’s a physical attack and we attack its body, which is quite difficult (25% effectiveness). Come let’s find out physical damage, but for this calculation, we should know the elemental damage and we are all done! Luckily, elemental damage is very simpler or easier.

Elemental Damage Calculation

[Elemental power shown / 10 x effectiveness]

Shagaru Charge Axe has 230 dragon elements. It means that the axe has 23 (divide by 10) dragon power. Simply check the effectiveness and you’ll then view that its head is very weak to the dragon. But you don’t need to fret about what attack you did, it doesn’t matter – that is why weapons like SnS are best to deal elemental damage and the Great Sword. However, your default elemental attack power is 23 for any attack.

23 dragon attack * 30% effectiveness = 7 damage. For a draw sword attack you should do: 21 physical damage + 7 elemental damage = 28 damage!

Review + Additional notes:

OK let’s suppose that we did a draw attack with the Shagaru Charge Axe on the Shagaru’s head and the damage is 28:

[648 * (1 +0.25 * (25/100)) = 688 / 3.6 = 191 * 0.17] * 0.65 + [230 / 10 = 23] * 0.65 = 28 Damage


Once you successfully calculate the damage from the motion value or attack power you can then apply the sharpness modifier to it, then times it by the effectiveness:

  • Red: 0.50x attack, 0.25x element
  • Orange: 0.75x attack, 0.50x element
  • Yellow: 1.00x attack, 0.75x element
  • Green: 1.05x attack, 1.00x element
  • Blue: 1.20x attack, 1.06x element
  • White: 1.32x attack, 1.12x element
  • Purple: 1.44x attack, 1.20x element

Attacks & Bombs That Deal Set Damage No Matter What Part You Hit:

Gunlance shells, bombs, phial explosions on special charge axes, etc. deal damage that is set and it doesn’t change no matter where you hit. This is so HUGE. As you said earlier, attacking Shagaru’s body vs. its head results in very different damage. These special weapons or items can attack any part and deal the same amount.

Know that:

  • Large Barrel Bomb = 50 damage
  • Barrel Bomb G = 150 damage

Install & Download MHGU Damage Calculator For PC [Mac & Windows]

The app is available to download or install for free on mobile devices. But here we will explain to you how you can install or download MHGU Damage Calculator for PC. Well, there is no efficient way to get this app on your computer. But now with the help of third-party apps like Android Emulators, you can easily use MHGU Damage Calculator for PC, Mac, and Windows. There are lots of Android Emulators available like NOX Player, Blue Stacks, KO Player, and much more. I would suggest you use BlueStack or Nox as it is one of the best Android Emulators. If you are searching for an easy guide on how to install MHGU Damage Calculator for PC, Mac, and Windows then you need to follow these instructions below.

Install MHGU Damage Calculator For PC Via BlueStack:


If you want to install or download MHGU Damage Calculator for PC, Mac, and Windows then you need to download an Android Emulator.

When you tap on the above link, you will be taken to the download page. Simply install it and then follow the below instructions.

  • Initially, install the BlueStacks emulator on the PC
  • Then launch BlueStacks on PC.
  • Then tap the My Apps button present in the emulator.
  • Now in the search bar, type the name of the app i.e MHGU Damage Calculator.
  • You will then view the required search result for the MHGU Damage Calculator app just install it.
  • Simply log in to your Google account to install apps from Google Play on Bluestacks.
  • After login successfully, the installation process will begin for the MHGU Damage Calculator depending on your Wi-Fi connection.

If you want to launch the app on your PC, you can head over to the “All Apps” tab on the BlueStacks dashboard. Now here you will view all the games or apps installed. From the list, tap on the news app icon of and it will open on your PC screen.

Note: If you can’t find MHGU Damage Calculator on the play storeyou can then use the alternative method to install the app on PC, Mac, or Windows.

Install MHGU Damage Calculator Manually:

MHGU Damage Calculator for pc

If you want to download MHGU Damage Calculator for PC one must have an emulator installed in it.

  • At first, download BlueStacks on your Mac or Windows devices.
  • When you successfully download or install it on your computer an icon will appear on the Desktop of your computer. Double-tap the icon to Open BlueStacks.

Pro Tip: If you want to use MHGU Damage Calculator for PC then turn on Unknown sources on the Emulator. For this, head over to “Settings -> Security -> Enable Unknown Sources”.

  • Now install the ‘MHGU Damage Calculator’ Apk file. (Download Link)
  • Double-tap on the downloaded file. It will automatically open via BlueStacks.
  • From the BlueStacks homepage, you will then view MY APPS. Tap on the option. Here you will see MHGU Damage Calculator. Tap on the icon to use the MHGU Damage Calculator on the computer.

That’s all about it!


I hope you understand how you can install or download MHGU Damage Calculator for PC, Mac, and Windows. So I recommend you try this app and share your experience with us. For further queries and questions let us know in the comment section below!

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