Metro Exodus’ price tag is fixed

Metro Exodus'
Written by Hassan Abbas

The price tag of Metro Exodus was announced as $15. Developed by 4A Games and launched in 2019 as the Metro Exodus FPS game which will be antagonistic.

The production, which opened for preliminary orders as of last night, started at $15 on Steam. The rich story and realistic atmosphere will give us a gripping atmosphere and the production will be about the world after the apocalypse. It will be featured in fantastic monsters that can be played as a single player. Metro Exodus, which will have a progression-based game system, will have 9 different language options. Turkish language option will not be included in the game.

Metro Exodus'

Which will be the subject of 2036, will show us how the nuclear war has destroyed the world and will want to save a few thousand survivors. It will not be easy for us to save the people who were among the ruins of Moscow. In order to be able to advance to Moscow, the players must kill the creatures they meet and fulfill their duties. The production that has fatal fights will come out as a survival game. With its adventurous nature, weapons will fascinate us as they will provide a real battleground for the players.

Metro Exodus is on sale at Steam at $15.

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