Meteorites start to fall in Fortnite, now what?

Meteorites Fortnite
Written by Hassan Abbas

Meteorites FortniteThe world of Fortnite: Battle Royale is about to change, or that Epic game has announced. It will do so when a large meteor hits its map, something that is about to happen, and is that smaller meteors have already been seen in some games, and there are even videos of some impacts.

The fact is that Fortnite meteorites and their meaning are still unknown. Epic has not revealed what will happen when the largest falls in the game, but according to his words will forever change the title as we know it. The theories about Fortnite’s future are many, although they still remain in the field of speculation.

Because of what can be seen in some videos shared on social networks by the players themselves, the small asteroids that have hit the surface are harmless at the moment. Now that the end of season 3 of Fortnite is approaching, we will finally know what the developer has prepared.

Among the most plausible theories, there is one that says it is a new special event with aliens, something that makes sense if we take into account the spatial theme maintained during season 3. It is likely that there is some type of PvP between human players and the AI or even teams in which you can choose sides. For now, it is not known and it would be something totally different from the Battle Royale seen so far.

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Fortnite: Battle Royale, a new multiplatform free game concept

Fortnite was already a successful video game on PS4 and PC, especially thanks to the equality that exists between players by limiting micropayments to purely aesthetic aspects, and of course to be totally free. However, the real bombshell has been on mobile devices now that it has reached iOS and Android.

Its success opens new paths for developer companies that want to earn money with free games, an example that will surely spread very soon.

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