Meta Universe of Nike. Who is next?

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As years pass, more spheres of human activity experience shift and move to the virtual world. The Internet nowadays can guide how to buy BTC instantly using Mastercard or how to create digital art. Eventually, the current stage of digitalization gave birth to the phenomenon of a metaverse. Briefly, the term stands for virtual reality or digital space where anybody can:

  • Communicate;
  • Go shopping;
  • Work;
  • Create art;
  • Play games, etc.

All you need is the Internet and a pair of VR glasses! Moving from reality to the fantasy realm is possible in a blink of an eye. Indeed, the regular online world still exists, it just gains a superstructure in the form of a metaverse. Mark Zuckerberg boosted the development of meta worlds by creating his one on the base of Facebook. Other large corporations quickly sensed the possible benefits and stepped into the game too.

As an illustration, the world heard about Nikeland at the end of 2021. This paramount sportswear company decided to succumb to digital trends. First, Nike purchased the digital fashion brand called RTFKT. This strategic move provided the company with brand new virtual designs.

Nike collaborated with Roblox, aiming to gain the attention of the younger generation. As a result of the teamwork, a marvelous pair of digital neon sneakers appeared on the market. They are a non-fungible token, so how can one wear them? The answer is simple, you dress up your avatar. Markedly, the changes in Nike are the tip of the iceberg. Learn about other metaverse enthusiasts below!


In the same way, as clothing brands, auction houses turned their attention to the high-tech world. Previously, traditions and conservatism were the key notions for luxury companies. Yet, the tables turned, so accepting the changes became a sign of good taste.

Indeed, Sotheby’s auction house builds a long-term strategy by entering the virtual realm. What does the luxury metaverse look like? First, recall the pieces that auctions sell:

  • Paintings;
  • Furniture;
  • Jewelry;
  • Decorations;

Giving your avatar a new outfit seems simple. What do online antiques do in such a case? Imagine that you are a collector who looks for new treasures. Once you wear the VR-set, you can examine the wanted thing thoroughly. Turn it, look from every possible angle and see the object in close-up view!

Since Sotheby’s deals with real estate too, its clients are now free to experience their future purchases in the meta-universe. Let’s say that you picked a mansion to acquire, but you still have doubts. The digital copy of your future home is going to show all pros and cons. Assuming that your friends and family already have their meta avatars, you can invite them over! Enjoy fun parties and host events before getting the real keys to the place.

Furthermore, Sotheby’s allows you to buy NFT art to add to your collection. Do you enjoy the new picture by Paris Hilton? Then, create a profile and obtain the piece immediately.


Another luxury brand starts its meta-universe journey, and its name is Balenciaga. While Nike focuses attention on designing footwear, the originally Spanish brand goes even further. Specifically, you get full look books with coats, jumpers, shoes, bags, and all other things imaginable. How does it differ from regular website catalogs, then?

In the future, you are going to upload your full-body photo, to see what clothes look like on you. On the contrary, simple pictures hardly give you a good understanding of the final look. A customer only wastes their precious time traveling to the brick-and-mortar shop for a fitting.

Besides, being aware of environmental issues goes with the agenda of many companies today. Balenciaga aims to fight overproduction and its detrimental effects on the planet through virtual clothes. Even though the name is popular among high-maintenance customers, piles of clothes still go to waste. Moreover, luxury brands are notorious for burning previous collections and polluting the air.

For this reason, the CEO announced creating an entirely new metaverse subdivision. Balenciaga’s management supposes that increasing online presence should positively affect the overall company performance. Play online dress-up in this little fancy world! You can also preorder real stylish pieces.

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If you are a dedicated fan of open-world games, you probably care about the looks of your avatar. The virtual copy of a person reflects the taste of its owner. Because of the importance of looks even at virtual playgrounds, gamers strive to collect fashionable outfits according to their style.

Luckily for stylish gamers out there, Adidas follows Nike’s movements and works with NFT. Markedly, the company has already generated thirty thousand tokens, including:

  • Tracksuits;
  • Beanies;

Another piece of good news is that the NFT items you own work in different games and environments. As soon as these virtual spaces connect in one metaverse, your avatar carries the clothes everywhere. This way, even more people get a chance to appreciate your exquisite taste in sportswear.

Under Armour

Undeniably, the meta-universe becomes a battlefield as more brands enter the digital spaces. Once again, a sportswear company makes its first steps in the same direction as Nike and Adidas. A famous American enterprise called Under Armour quickly calculated the prospects of selling non-fungible tokens.

This case is hardly the first time the company is striving for innovation. It was the pioneer of water-resistant materials for shorts, t-shirts, and tracksuits. Years later, Under Armour prefers to make clothes out of thin air to dress people digitally.

What is more, the management thought it would be a fantastic idea to advertise meta-clothes through celebrity endorsement. Whenever an athlete wears a particular brand, their supporters run to the store to get the same outfit. Under Armour collaborated with basketball legend, Curry, who promoted sneakers. The price for the NFT pair of footwear was over three hundred dollars, but fans gladly emptied their wallets.

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Final words

Generally speaking, all sorts of companies start creating metaverse nowadays. Big bosses realize that life in the future is going to drastically differ from current reality. Hence, brands should improvise, adapt and overcome to stay afloat!

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