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How to Merge Folders on Windows 10 – Tutorial

Merge Folders
Written by Kelly Houstan

Well, copying and moving files on Windows 10 have changed actually. The change is subtle, however, exceptionally useful. You’ll notice it whenever you are copying a file or folder along with the same name to a new destination. When you guys move a file to a location that has another file along with the same name and extension already present. Windows 10 will ask if you want to replace the file in the destination or also keep it. If you select to keep it, the file will not move as well. Just read this article to know all about How to Merge Folders on Windows 10 – Tutorial.

Are you trying to do the same for a folder will yield different results if the contents of the folder are different, however, the names aren’t.

How to Merge Folders on Windows 10

Windows 10 can automatically merge the contents of two folders that actually have the same name when you guys copy the folder from one location to another.

  • Just locate the two folders you want to merge. If they do not have the same name, then just rename them so that the names are identical.
  • Choose one of the two folders, and click on Ctrl+C.
  • Then navigate to the second folder’s location.
  • Press the Ctrl+V keyboard shortcut.
  • The two folders will be merged automatically actually. The destination folder will also have files from both.
  • If you guys see a prompt telling you the destination folder has files along with the same name you can also replace them, or skip over them. In either case, the first folder’s contents will be merged along with the second as well.

Replace folder on Windows 10

Windows used to replace the folder whenever it was copied to a destination. That already had a folder of the same name actually. It now merges folders by default. In order to replace a folder, follow these steps.

  • Just locate the folder you want to replace.
  • Choose it, and press the Delete key on the keyboard in order to delete the folder.
  • When the folder deletes, then you guys can copy and paste the folder to its new destination.

Merge Folders

The replace function has been removed so the only way in order to replace a folder is just to delete the conflict, or rename it to something else as well.

Remove Duplicate Files | Merge Folders

Duplicate files are actually one of the more problematic nuisances that affect us nowadays. Sadly enough, Windows has not incorporated any mechanism in order to guard against duplicate files, and this holds true for all versions of the Windows family as well. This is why using a third-party solution is actually the only way forward as things stand. And for that reason, this article basically uses Clone Files Checker, which is a top-notch duplicate file removal application in order to track and delete duplicate files.

  • You can visit the following website ( via the browser (ChromeEdge or Firefox) and then download Clone Files Checker via tapping on the orange Download Clone Files Checker button.
  • After downloading the setup, then install it via launching the setup files and then open it upon successful installation.
  • Add the folder you guys want to scan for duplicate content. Folders can also add via clicking the Add button. However, an ansubfolderer that has to be left out of the scan can be added via choosing the Exclude From Scan tab and then browsing to it.
  • Now choose either the All Files or Custom option relying on the scan’s nature. For instance, if only duplicate music files that have to be scanned. You should choose Custom →Music. When you do that, then tap on Start Search in order to initialize the scan.


  • Whenever the scan gets over, and tap on Fix Wizard.
  • Now just tap on either Newest or Oldest option.
  • When again you will be provided along with 2 choices. Permanent Delete deletes all the duplicate data forever, however, Move to Folder moves the target data to a user-specified folder. Just in case the user needs those files in the future actually. Here we opt to go for permanent removal too.
  • Choose to Continue to open the actual duplicate files deletion.
  • When the operation concludes successfully, the following message will pop up.


Well, That is all from my side. If you want to know more about this article or have any queries. Then feel free to ask me anything in the comments section below.

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