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MEmu vs Nox vs BlueStacks: Which One Is Best For You?

MEmu vs Nox vs BlueStacks
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Today, you’ll learn a deep comparison between MEmu vs Nox vs BlueStack. The ability to run Android apps on your PC or laptop sounds exciting. However, choosing the best Android emulator from a pool of alternatives is a difficult choice. When we talk about shortlisting the best emulators, Nox, BlueStacks, and MEmu easily rank among the top picks. But in terms of performance or features, all three of them provide the best user experience.

If we talk about specifications and stats, MEmu fully dominates Bbluestack and Nox. On the other hand, BlueStacks stands out with its amazing features. However, Nox holds its own ground after offering brilliant performance or balancing. That being said, we only have to pick one from these three, and it is tough.

So, after complete testing, we can now shortlist one winner. However, we were amazed by the results, as the competition was very tough. In this guide, you’ll learn the installation steps of each emulator and a detailed comparison between them. So without much ado, let’s get started!

Installation Method:


Installing an Android emulator on your PC or laptop is not so difficult. However, all three emulators follow a different pattern of installation. And to make your job easier, we have mentioned the installation instructions below. Dive down below and check the installation method for MEmu vs Nox vs BlueStack!

BlueStacks Installation

BlueStacks is the easiest or simplest one to download. It doesn’t need any additional permissions from you. And you can easily get the official download package from

  • Head over to BlueStacks’ official website (link) and tap the “Download” button to get the new version. Also, you can use any third-party website to download or install the emulator.

Note: Keep in mind you have an antivirus installed on your computer before you opt for any third-party website.

  • When the download process is completed simply launch the emulator package.
  • The whole installation process takes 2 minutes and once done the BlueStacks emulator will automatically launch.

Nox Installation

The installation process of the Nox emulator is straightforward or simple as well. However, based on your OS system, you may experience unique download permissions or screens.

  • Download or install the Nox Players from their official website (link).
  • Wait a while until the install package is downloaded. You can then tap on the installer file and start the process after tapping on the “Install” button.
  • During installation, you will then view multiple permissions or download screens. However, none of them is notifying, and you can then ignore these if you want.
  • After the complete installation, launch the emulator after tapping on the “Start” button. You want to log in with your Google ID and password after this.

MEmu Installation

MEmu is very easy to download or install on your PC or laptop. The only disadvantage is looking for the updated version of the emulator. Also, you can use their official website or any third-party website to install this.

  • Download or install MEmu Play offline install package from the link given below.
  • In the install package, you can then get a folder or file. Simply tap the MEmu-Setup.exe file and start the process.
  • From the opening screen, you will then view a “Quick Install” button. Tap on it.
  • The MEmu Android will start installing.
  • When the installation is completed, run the app.
  • You can then log in using your Google credentials, and initiate using the application.

Requirements – MEmu vs Nox vs BlueStacks

One of the most important aspects before choosing an Android emulator is its requirements. MEmu is the most graphics-intensive. Also, it has the lowest specification requirements as compare to the other two, which have relatively high requirements. Here is a requirement table for MEmu vs Nox vs BlueStack!

BlueStacks Nox MEmu
OS Microsoft Windows 7 and Above Windows 7/8/8.1/10 Windows 7,8,10 (recommended)
Processor Intel or AMD Processor AMD or Intel x86 Intel AMD (multi-core)
RAM 4/6/8GB or higher 2GB or higher 2GB of RAM (4GB for x64 system)
Storage SSD (or fusion hybrid) At Least 2GB 2GB of RAM (4GB for x64 system)
Internet Broadband connection Works on Low Latency Low Latency
Graphics Up to date Medium Minimal


MEmu vs Nox vs BlueStacks comparison

We all know that any software’s capability is measured through the highest benchmark score. Antutu is the best and trustworthy platform to obtain accurate benchmark scores. As it crowns BlueStacks as the winner.

But when we talk about the detailed scoring, each emulator scored pretty well. MEmu got the highest rating of 924165, including all the GPU, CPU, MEM, and UX (valid and invalid) scores.

We did various tests on these three to get precise results. And every time, the results were quite different from each other. This is because the emulator performance is measured from the app played in it.

If you plan to do intensive gaming, then MEmu might be the best option for you. We examined it with graphic-intensive games such as Real Racing, Asphalt 9, and Dungeon Hunter 5. And we didn’t face any hiccups or lag.

BlueStacks became the second one. But it still managed to do a good job in almost everything we threw at it. Whether it’s multitasking or intensive gaming.

Nox bundles some amazing features, and it offers a low spec-requirement, because of which these scores were not as impressive. But still, you can use it with almost any given mobile app.

Features & Explanation – MEmu vs Nox vs BlueStacks

Features are the important elements that improve your experience. Nox offers more than 30 features ranging from quality and performance, it offered a lot of customization to its users.

BlueStacks offers impressive gaming features and a real-time CPU performance meter, you have the advantage of tracking or monitoring your in-game progress. MEmu is one of the best in terms of specification.

BlueStacks App Player:

Bluestacks is actually one of the most prominent Android emulators. There are many reasons for that. It is one of the first that worked really well and still gets regular updates as well. The latest version of Bluestacks is Bluestacks 4 that actually comes along with many new and upgraded features. That will definitely move your android experience to the next level as well.

BlueStacks also offers some really interesting features such as moving files between Windows and BlueStacks through a shared folder. Syncing apps between your phone and also the Windows app through a cloud connect app. Features such as keyboard/mouse mapping improve gaming performance as well.

It’s actually one of the heaviest emulators on the list. The performance of Bluestacks will always rely upon your system performance and how many processors and RAM you give for Bluestacks. Performance is decent that assumes your hardware is reasonably powerful. It makes this a great way to bring Android to the big screen as well.


• Game Control – With added performance and security, BlueStacks provides the best gaming experience and features.

• Multi-Instance – During some intensive gaming on our PCs, the emulator shows or lags hiccups because of its limitation. But this feature enables you to play without any bugs or untimely crashes.

• Macro Management – This ability enables you to exclusively use some performance-enhancing ability that improves the FPS rates for a few seconds. As it allows you to record the game screen. This feature is essential for video streamers and gaming enthusiasts.

Nox App player:

Nox Player operates just like BlueStacks emulator, however, they share some similarities but Nox can do many things much better actually. The primary benefit of using the NOX emulator is the speed that it gives to your PC. This is pretty easy to use and has a really clean interface.


Shooting feature: Keymapping systems have also been available for a long time on Android emulators. Virtual keys, gravity sensors, and Direction control are all really basic. But Nox player takes you to the next level along with a shooting feature. This feature is one of the great highlights of Nox players that helps FPS gamers get the edge over their opponents as well.

Multiplayer system: Why would you guys play a single game using only one account whenever you could play multiple games with multiple accounts even at the same time as well. Nox Player has also the ability in order to help you play different games at the same time without even having to switch the application window actually.

MEmu Player

Smart Controls – The MEmu emulator is very easy to use. If we compare this feature with the other two, MEmu comes as the simplest to use. Smart controlling also enables you to customize the FPS rating of the games you run on it.

Performance – MEmu also provides a balanced performance. In gaming, we never faced any crashes or lag. The game ran very smoothly, with racing games receiving an additional boost.

Graphic Elevation – Many mobile apps offer mind-blowing graphics. And to handle this, MEmu has a graphic boost mode, which offers a significant push to the GPU and CPU. You also have the option to play every game using this mode.


To be clear, choosing the best one out of the three was a difficult task. But ultimately, MEmu is declared as the winner. Both Nox and BlueStacks put up the best competition, but MEmu was a notch ahead of these two.

It offers a very minimal specification requirement. And you can smoothly run the MEmu emulator on an old system and laptop as well. If you want to share anything regarding this guide then let us know below!

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