How to Use Memoji Stickers on iPhone & iPad

Written by Hassan Abbas

Memoji Stickers offer a fun way to use any custom Memoji as iMessage stickers within Messages conversations on an iPad or iPhone. Furthermore, the stickers work in other messaging apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Discord too. They are the personalized Memoji feature combined with iMessage Stickers and can be used in all sorts of fun ways to strike onto messages and decorate conversations you’re having on your Apple device.

Let’s come and check our guide on how you can create and use stickers on an iPhone or iPad.

Before we proceeding make sure your iPhone or iPad is updated to iOS 13. As earlier versions of system software don’t support Memoji Stickers. To create a new Memoji it requires that you have an iPhone X or newer too. So, if you have an older iPhone or iPad, skip to Step 5 where instead we describe how to use these stickers.

How to Create & Use Memoji Stickers on iPhone & iPad

Here is a step-by-step process so you can easily create a 3D model of your face and start using it as stickers within minutes. If you have already created a Memoji before then you can use that one, or make a new one.

Step 1:

Open the default “Messages” app and then go to any of the messages you have. Now, click on the “Memoji” icon. Once you click it tap on the “+” icon to create your own Memoji.

how-to-create-memoji-1 (2)

Step 2:

After that, you’ll be taken to a new dedicated section where your phone starts tracking your facial movements and expressions. Here, you can customize various facial features to match your appearances, like hairstyle, skin tone, eye color, facial hair, ears and more.


Step 3:

There are many customizations here, that Apple even lets you add AirPods to your 3D avatar. Once you’ve done fine-tuning your new Memoji, click on “Done” at the top-right corner of your screen. Now, you should be able to see your newly created avatar in the Memoji section. You can edit your Memoji any time by simply clicking on the “triple-dot” icon located next to the list of all the stickers you have.


Step 4:

Here, you can either make a new Memoji, duplicate the existing one or just click on “Edit” to further customize your current Memoji.


Step 5:
  • To start using stickers of your newly created Memoji or any of the pre-generated Memoji stickers.
  • Just open your keyboard any messaging app
  • Click on the “Emoji” icon.

Note: You’ll notice the most frequently used Memojis on the left side of the keyboard, but to view all the Memoji stickers that are available to you.

  • Click on the “triple-dot” icon.


Step 6:

Now scroll through all the various Memojis and click on any of the stickers available right below a certain Memoji to send it.

iMessage is not necessary. Here I choose WhatsApp to send Memoji stickers, but you could also use social networks like Twitter, Facebook Messenger or Discord.



Well, that’s all. Hopefully, you enjoy it. You just need a few minutes of patience and you could easily create a Memoji of your face to share stickers with your friends and annoy them.

From a pre-generated unicorn, there are different Memojis to choose from before you start getting bored with it. For further queries and questions let us know in the comment section below!

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