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How to Manage your Voicemail and Messages

How to Manage your Voicemail and Messages
Written by Hassan Abbas

Manage your Voicemail and Messages: While switching to the iPhone, you spend some time getting everything set up. And the important thing you likely cross off your list at some point is setting up your voicemail. But once you set it up, there are different actions you can take to manage your iPhone voicemail and the messages you receive.

You can do these things: play, share or delete messages as well as change your greeting if you like. For the new iPhone user, our guide shows you how to manage those Voicemail choices.

How To Manage your iPhone Voicemail and messages

  • Voicemail password and greeting
    • Change your Voicemail password
    • Change your Voicemail greeting
  • Manage your Voicemail messages
  • Change the Voicemail notification sound
  • Access Voicemail from another device

Voicemail password and Greeting

If you still not set up the Voicemail on your iPhone, then this process is easy and onscreen prompts walk you through it. Simply open the Phone app and choose Voicemail > Set Up Now. Create a password and a greeting.

If you want to change your Voicemail password or greeting down the road, these are both simple to do.

Change your Voicemail password

Step 1:

Firstly, open your Settings and select Phone.

Step 2:

Now scroll toward the bottom and tap Change Voicemail Password.

Step 3:

Enter and verify your new password.

Step 4:

Click Done.

Change your Voicemail greeting

Step 1:

At first, open the Phone app and select Voicemail.

Step 2:

Now click Greeting on the top left corner.

Step 3:

Also, Choose Custom.

Step 4:

Click to Record your greeting and Play to listen to it.

Manage your Voicemail messages

Also, if you’ve Visual Voicemail you’ll see a list of your Voicemail messages. You can use lots of actions on this screen to delete messages or mark them as read.

To delete:

  • An individual message, swipe it from right to left and tap Delete.
  • More than one message, click  Edit, choose the messages, and tap Delete.
  • To mark messages as read, tap Edit, choose the messages, and tap Mark As Read.

You can also take more action in individual messages as well. Now choose one and you can perform the following:

  • Play and Pause the message.
  • You can play the message on the speaker.
  • Call the number back.
  • Delete the message.
  • Share the message.
  • View the caller’s details.

Also, you can enlist the help of Siri with your Voicemail. You can also ask Siri if you’ve any new Voicemail messages or to play one from a particular contact.

Also, enlist the help of Siri with your Voicemail or ask Siri if you have any new Voicemail messages or to play one from a specific contact.

You can also enlist the help of Siri with your Voicemail or you may also ask Siri if you have any new Voicemail messages or to play one from a specific contact.

Change the Voicemail notification sound

You can select the sound you hear when you receive a new Voicemail if you like.

Step 1:

Open your Settings and select Sounds & Haptics.

Step 2:

Select New Voicemail.

Step 3:

Now click to select a sound.

Step 4:

Click the arrows on the top left to go back or just close your Settings.

Access your Voicemail from another device

If you want to check your Voicemails from another device, you can also do this as well. Just call your mobile numbers and bypass your greeting, hit either * (star) or # (pound) depending on your carrier. Also, enter your Voicemail password and hear the options.


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