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Make Do Not Disturb Mode More Effective in Mac with Undisturbed

Undisturbed Mode Mac
Written by Hassan Abbas

In a time when there are too many distractions, many are (a servitor included) those who seek to isolate themselves from all the noise to see if we can recover that focus and attention capacity that we have lost at some point in the explosion of the social networks and the clickbait.

And there are already applications, such as Focus or Tide, which by themselves are tremendously simple but hide a huge benefit. The reason is that even though they seem absurd, they help you concentrate much better. Today we are going to see one of those applications, called Undisturbed.

Undisturbed Mode Mac

When a small switch gives the greatest benefit

That its simple function does not deceive you: Undisturbed really helps and helps. What it does is increase the effectiveness of Do Not Disturb mode of macOS simply by hiding those notifications that the system does not hide: those of the dock.

When we activate the Do Not Disturb mode on the Mac, notifications that come from all applications are hidden along with all their sounds. However, all the badges of the icons in the dock are still present. That is to say: if you are sent three messages in Telegram you will not know that you receive them for notifications, but a red indicator with number 3 will appear in the Telegram icon present in the Dock.

Undisturbed Mode Mac

For those who have difficulty concentrating, that is deadly. The temptation to attend and clear those badges is too great, so in the end, you end up opening the application even with Do Not Disturb mode activated. You get rid of those notifications, but after five minutes you get a message and start again.

A solution can be to deactivate those indicators, but it is something that does it in a complete way since you have the Do Not Disturb mode activated or deactivated. And doing it every time you want to concentrate is uncomfortable. This is where Undisturbed enters.

Once started, this application is placed in the macOS menu bar. Its pop-up menu allows you to activate Undisturbed mode, which simply restarts the Dock and leaves it without notification indicators. It’s that simple and so useful. You have the option to let new notifications go by and hide those that were already present, something you may need with some application that you use to work.

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The application can be downloaded for free, although there is a Pro mode with which you can assign a keyboard shortcut to activate or deactivate the Undisturbed mode or to set the application to boot at the start of the system. These amenities are priced at 3.99 euros. To take into account if you get so used to this great little tool that you happen to consider it as something essential in the Mac.

For me, Undisturbed is a very good argument that the developers of macOS should see, and that should serve so that the Do Not Disturb mode of the system improves even more. For the moment it stays installed on my Mac.

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