Magisk 16.6 is Compatible with Galaxy S9 & Galaxy S9+

Magisk 16.6
Written by Hassan Abbas

In the new version of the popular root manager, the developer corrected Magisk Hide errors and concentrated on supporting Treble.

Magisk is an advanced superuser rights manager with the ability to hide root-rights from third-party applications. The second component of the utility is a platform for modifying the operating system without interfering with system files. In the latest update of Magisk 16.6, Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9+ flagship added to the list of supported devices.

Magisk 16.6

Magisk 16.6

Since the advent of Magisk Hide, users are faced with an unexpected loss of root rights. One of the reasons is the presence of several Zygote processes on some smartphones and tablets. The second reason is related to the internal structure of the manager. Both errors are taken into account in the update, but the developers do not guarantee complete disposal of the loss of superuser rights.

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Also, John Woo, developer of Magisk, continues to bring compatibility with the Treble project, which is designed to accelerate the process of updating a wide fleet of smartphones with Android on board. In the new version of Magisk Manager, an initialization script is added, which deploys the manager’s environment after cleaning the user partition (factory reset).

Among other changes:

Fixing errors in 32-bit binary files and improving the algorithm for calculating free space in ext4-images during the installation of modules. In addition, the system has been upgraded to change the package name to effectively hide the superuser’s rights.

Download Magisk 16.6

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