Magic Keyboard Trackpad Gestures For iPad Pro

Magic Keyboard Trackpad Gestures For iPad Pro
Written by Hassan Abbas

Are you looking for Magic Keyboard Trackpad Gestures For iPad Pro? iPadOS 13.4 brings the power of Multi-Touch technology to support trackpad and mouse (pointing) devices. It’s the latest paradigm that provides you another method to use your iPad apart from ink and touch (Apple Pencil). iPadOS compatibles some gestures for trackpads and mice. But we also purify Apple’s list down to 10 useful gestures for the Magic Keyboard. (These gestures works on other trackpads) that all the owners of iPad Pro should memorize to save time and enhance productivity.

List: trackpad gestures for iPad Pro

The following trackpad gestures should be part of your tablet computing:

1. Swipe left/right

If you want to perform a swipe to the left or right, simply use two fingers rather than one.

2. Swipe up/down

Just like above, you can move in apps by sliding or moving two fingers up and down on the trackpad.

3. Zoom in and out

Also, use two fingers to zoom out or in apps such as Photos, Safari, Photoshop, and so on so forth. However, bring the fingers closer together to zoom out or spread them beside zoom in.

4. Home screen

Swipe up using the three fingers to get to the Home screen from wherever you happen to be.

5. App switcher

Move or Swipe up using the three fingers, then pause immediately to input the iOS app switcher.

6. Cycle between apps

Rather than swiping horizontally across the Home indicator on your tablet. Simply swipe via three fingers on the trackpad to move to the next or earlier app. Bonus tip: swiping right using the three fingers on the Home screen takes you to move back to the last-used app.

7. Slide Over

Move the cursor with one finger to the right corner of the screen. Also, swipe right to scroll it past the screen corner and input Slide Over. If you want to hide Slide Over, then again swipe right.

8. Notification and Control center

Also, move the cursor with one finger to choose the iOS status icons, located in the top-right corner, then tap to pull up Control Center. On the other hand, choose the icons and move up via one finger. If you want to open your Notification Center, simply move the cursor with one finger past the top of the screen near the center. Or, choose the status icons located at the top left, then tap.

9. Tap to click

Turn on the choice Tap to Click in Settings → General → Trackpad or Trackpad & Mouse so that all taps done on your trackpad or touch-sensitive mouse are changed as clicks.

10. Two-Finger Secondary Click

Turn on this option in Settings → General → Trackpad or Trackpad & Mouse so that click with 2 fingers on the trackpad is changed as a long-tap or secondary click. Also, you can use this on the Home screen and in apps to instantly open the contextual menu.

Our power users might need to learn about extra iPad trackpad gestures, too.

Your favorite trackpad gestures

Remember, what are the top five Multi-Touch gestures on the Magic Keyboard while using your iPad Pro? And which trackpad gestures are unreasonable and want more work, do you think?


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