MacOS Mojave Beta 5 Wallpapers (21 4K Wallpapers)

MacOS Mojave Beta 5
Written by Hassan Abbas

MacOS Mojave is the successor to the Apple High Sierra desktop operating system. The official statement was made on June 4, 2018, at the WWDC conference. MacOS Mojave beta 5 was released for testing by developers. This is very important for fine-tuning the operating system. Developers will use the Mojave OS to check for bends or errors. Moreover, they would provide feedback on the interface and ease of use of the new features that Apple presents with each new version of the operating system.

MacOS Mojave Beta 5

Features of MacOS Mojave

Dark Mode

Of all the functions implemented in the updated MacOS, dark mode is my favorite of the group. Despite the fact that it’s hard on our pockets, now Mac easily penetrates into our eyes. A useful and most expected function for such nyctophiles as me. Thumbs up Apple for this.

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Dynamic Desktop

If you do not know, the dynamic desktop changes the environment according to the time. Sunset or sunset of every detail right before your eyes. Users can feel more connected and aware of the real time in the world than ever before. A dynamic desktop really provides a more realistic and real experience. Now, the desktop will also tell the users if they are working late at night or early in the morning.


It’s actually a handy tool that manages your files without spoiling it anymore. The stack function clears your desktop by organizing files by their types. For example, all images (.jpeg, .png, etc.) will be grouped into one image folder. The same applies to music files, PDF files, video files and any other types of files that can be placed under a category.

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Seeker and quick view

The search engine on MacOS Mojave has become more convenient than before. Combine it with the MacOS Mojave Quick View feature, and the work will complete quickly. With fast browsing, you do not even need to open a file. This is exactly what it means. For example, to trim an audio file, you need to open the audio software and to edit the PDF files, you need to open the PDF software. However, using the Quick View feature, you can do this all in one interface without actually opening the application. Cleverly implemented function.

Other Features

  • FaceTime now allows you to simultaneously connect 32 people. However, given the real estate on the devices, everything can become a little crowded.
  • Improved Mac Store.
  • All the usual security improvements that Apple provides every year with these devices.
  • Here you can read all about the functions of MacOS Mojave.

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MacOS Mojave Beta 5 Desktop Wallpapers:

Displaying the retina on Apple devices is the most accurate monitor you can get right now. It becomes bright enough to look in broad daylight and have a gentle breeze. As always, Apple introduced several polished and bi-amorphous wallpapers for its new operating system, Mojave. We managed to get all 16 wallpapers that Apple released before the beta version 5. The resolution of the cropped wallpaper is 1125 x 2438 pixels.

Download MacOS Mojave Beta 5 Desktop Wallpapers

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