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Latest Lock WhatsApp Feature with Fingerprint on Android

Written by Hassan Abbas

In its state-of-the-art update, WhatsApp has added new capability within the app that lets customers lock it immediately via fingerprint. Seeing how users have already been making use of 0.33-party answers to feature a protection lock over WhatsApp, the enterprise has decided to consist of it as a built-in feature. Through this manual, you may download the cutting-edge WhatsApp APK that helps fingerprint lock and additionally find out precisely where you may allow fingerprint to lock inside the app itself.

Before, brands like Huawei, Realme, and others blanketed a locking function immediately inside the OS which allowed customers to lock certain apps through a pin, sample or fingerprint for extended privacy. While those answers worked well, they weren’t native to the app itself which meant they could be bypassed. Nonetheless, WhatsApp has now incorporated fingerprint lock and you can put it to use through this guide.

Download WhatsApp APK with Fingerprint Lock

Before we begin describing the system of how to permit, make sure you have got the brand new WhatsApp to build walking for your device that includes this functionality. You can immediately visit the Google Play Store to get the trendy app model or manually download the APK from right here:

Download: WhatsApp-219305.Apk

How to Enable Fingerprint Lock on WhatsApp

The putting is a piece hidden, find it the usage of these steps:

Step 1

Open up WhatsApp and click on the 3-dot icon at the top-proper after which Settings from the drop-down.

Step 2

From the Settings web page, you must see Account alternative indexed, tap on it.

Step 3

From here, click on Privacy.

Step 4

At the quit of the brand new web page, you need to see Fingerprint lock, select it.

Step 5

A toggle have to be exhibited to allow Fingerprint lock. Further, you may pick the time period after the app locks and additionally whether or not information should be shown in Notifications.


That’s all for it! You can now experience greater privateness over your WhatsApp with a fingerprint lock. As of now, there may be no choice for a pattern or pin lock but seeing how each modern-day phone now comes with a fingerprint scanner. We are able to see why they skipped that.

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