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Lock the Dock on Mac to Stop Unwanted Changes

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Written by Hassan Abbas

Lock the Dock on Mac: If you want to spend time customizing the Dock on your Mac, it can be annoying when something gets changed by someone else. You may let someone use your PC and suddenly your Dock is positioned elsewhere, different in size, or doesn’t have the apps you pinned to it.

To prevent your Dock from being messy with another, you can lock it down using Terminal. We’ll display you the commands you need to lock the Dock’s position, size, and contents to prevent unwanted changes. So if you’re ready, here’s how to lock the Dock on your Mac.

Lock the Dock position

You can position the Dock on your Mac at the bottom, left or right. This position is a matter of preference and convenience. Remember no one moves your Dock, open Terminal and input the following command:

defaults write position-immutable -bool true; killall Dock

Press your Return key to apply the change. Now your Dock cannot be repositioned and the choice to do so is mature out in the System Preferences > Dock area.

To grant repositioning of the Dock later, run the same Terminal command replacing “true” with “false”:

defaults write position-immutable -bool false; killall Dock

Lock the Dock size

Just like the location of your Dock, the size is very important. You may keep fewer apps in the Dock and like it sized bigger or keep many apps in it and like it sized smaller. Either way, input the following command into Terminal to lock the Dock size:

defaults write size-immutable -bool true; killall Dock

Press your Return key to apply this change. If you try to resize the Dock, you’ll have no luck doing it! And like the position, the control for this choice will also be age out in the Dock System Preferences.

If you want to resize the Dock, run the same Terminal command replacing “true” with “false”:

defaults write size-immutable -bool false; killall Dock

Lock the Dock Contents

Another handy lockdown to perform on your Dock is for the contents. You can prevent apps from being rearranged, added, or removed from the Dock with the following Terminal command:

defaults write contents-immutable -bool true; killall Dock

Press your Return key to apply the change and try to add, rearrange, or remove an app from the Dock. You can’t do it, can you? Plus, the Keep in Dock and Remove from Dock choices are no longer available in the Dock app shortcut menu.

Like the other Dock lockdowns, you can undo this change later by allowing the same command replacing “true” with “false”:

defaults write contents-immutable -bool false; killall Dock


If you personalize your Dock exactly the way that works best for you, then the last thing you want to do is for somebody to change it without you’re knowing. These simple Terminal commands can help you lock the Dock in less than a minute.

Do you want to use all of these Terminal commands to lock your Mac Dock? If so, let us know in the comment section below!

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