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Lock On-Screen Controls On Netflix To Ignore Accidental Touches

lock on-screen controls on Netflix
Written by Hassan Abbas

Lock On-Screen Controls On Netflix: As the world goes into lockdown, many people perform online streaming services to spend their free time. If you are the one who recently subscribed to Netflix on your Android. Then you might encounter underlying issues of ghost touches that probably interfere using your binge-watching experience.

Netflix is quite easy to use. Also, it is instinctive on-screen controls that enable you to control the playback of your media with simple clicks and gestures. The drawback is that these controls can be easily activated or triggered by accidental touches and clicks. When you probably trying to move your phone to achieve a good viewing angle.

Hopefully, the new Screen Lock feature from Netflix helps to resolve the issue by locking your on-screen controls.

This enables you to touch the screen of your Android freely without fretting about accidentally interrupting your playback. Come let’s take a look at how you can easily enable Screen Lock in Netflix on your Android.

How to get ignore accidental touches while watching Netflix

Simply turn on the Screen Lock choices.

Step 1:

Initially, open the Netflix app then play any TV show or movie.

Step 2:

Once the playback begins, simply click on the screen to uncover all the on-screen buttons. Also, you’ll find the ‘Screen Lock’ choice under the left corner of your screen, left to the ‘Episodes’ choices. Simply click ‘Screen Lock’ to enable the feature and lock the on-screen buttons.

Step 3:

Now confirm that the choice has been enabled by clicking on your screen. You will then view only the ‘Screen Locked’ choice is available now, and the earlier on-screen buttons are now gone.

How to re-enable on-screen buttons again

Note: If you want to re-active on-screen controls. Then just click on the Lock icon above the text ‘Screen Locked’ and also confirm to unlock the buttons.

Also, you can move your phone and then carry it everywhere you like to without having to fret about accidental touches interfering with your binge-watching experience.

Which version of Netflix compatible the Screen Lock feature?

Screen Lock looks to be a server-side update. However, many users around the world also report to receiving it without update their applications to the new versions. The features rollout looks to be on a huge scale as many users think to already have access to the feature.

Alternatively, users can’t update their apps and claim the availability of the feature after updating Netflix to the newest version.

So it is the server-side update until you can’t update your Netflix app in a long while. You can just open the app and view if the feature is available to you. In the situation, if it is not, you must try updating the application to its newest version from the Play Store.


I hope this article helps you easily get familiar with the latest Screen Lock feature by Netflix. Without any hesitation share your thoughts and views with us in the comments section below.

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