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Location on Apple Watch: How to Send?

Location on Apple Watch
Written by Hassan Abbas

Location on Apple Watch: Whether you’re traveling to city or just out for a walk or market. You may want to let your friends or family know where are you. In our guide, you’ll learn how to send your current location in Messages on Apple Watch.

It helps you feel safer and is a good safeguard to take these days. Your iPhone lets you send your location in the Maps app. While using Find My app and share your location, you can do it there too. But one of the super handy spot is right on your wrist using your Apple Watch.

Send your current location on Apple Watch in Messages

It’s quite easier to send your current location on Apple Watch. Just open the Messages app and then follow these steps carefully.

Step 1:

Choose the person/conversation you want to send your location to.

Step 2:

Now use Force Touch by tapping on your screen until you see the shortcut menu.

Step 3:

Choose Send Location.

The Messages app will locate your current spot and share it using Maps to your recipient. Then they can see where you are and get directions to your location.


The first time when you attempt to send your location in Messages on Apple Watch, you may see a message that you need to allow Location Services. There are two places to check for this to work.

Turn on Location Services

You can allow location services on your Watch or iPhone.

Step 1:

On Apple Watch, just open Settings and choose Privacy. Turn on the toggle for Location Services.

Step 2:

On the iPhone, open Settings and choose Privacy. Click Location Services and turn on the toggle.

Turn on Location Services for Messages

On iPhone, in the same spot as above where you allow Location Services, scroll down to the list of apps and click Messages. Select either Ask Next Time or While Using the App.


While wearing an Apple Watch, there’s no simpler way to send where you are than from your wrist. Next time when you’re out and about and want to check-in, make sure this handy tip.

Do you take precautionary measures like these when you’re away from home? If so then let us know in the comment section below!

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