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Lite Apps For Low RAM Android Smartphones

lite apps for google go
Written by Hassan Abbas

Lite Apps For Low RAM Android Smartphones: Majority Big Memory consuming apps have their alternative Lite apps for limited RAM mobiles. Google is very serious about these kinds of apps. As we know that Android Go is designed as a lightweight version of Android OS for low-end smartphones. Google Go apps are specially designed for smartphones devices with low RAM. These Go apps devices running on Android Go. Nevertheless, the apps can work perfectly on any device, especially those with low RAM and chips. Also, there are quite so many other Go apps from other developers, but this article will focus on the few Go apps developed by Google, and we will discuss some other lite apps. So, if you’re having issues or any kind of difficulty using the usual Google apps for Android on your smartphone then you might consider using these Google Go apps.

Google Go Lightweight Apps For SmartPhones: Less RAM

There are different apps that are available under Android Go. But, they will work if you have Android Go devices. Below I mentioned those apps that will work on all Android versions.

YouTube Go:

The YouTube Go app is virtually the same as the regular YouTube app. The features that are available on the main YouTube app are equally available on this Go version. Furthermore, it is quite possible to download YouTube videos to your local storage when you’re using the YouTube Go app. Every feature found on this app is streamlined for better performance on less RAM with Mobile data saving. Plus, you can preview videos before watching them. The app will tell you how much data will it use when you stream the video.

There are lots of exciting features of the YouTube Go App. Below are some key features of this app, which you may find interesting. Let’s come and take a look:

Features of YouTube Go App

  • Preview videos before watching them
  • You can download videos to your device storage
  • simplified interface
  • Flexible data-saver setting
  • The App Runs smoothly and efficiently on Android devices running on Android v4.2 and above.

Link: Get YouTube GO

Google Go

This app is proving to be more useful as the day goes by. The Google app is one of the must-have apps for every Android smartphone user. It offers a new way to search the internet, read up trending headlines, and give access to a lot of stuff over the internet.

The app also has a lot of features listed below:

Features of Google Go

  • set up a second language and easily switch between languages in search results
  • Easy to access all other apps and media on your smartphone
  • support google lense
  • Just 7MB in size
  • Includes virtually all features on the main app

Link: Get Google GO

Google Maps Go

Google Maps is one of the most accurate GPS apps you can get. The app is sophisticated with a ton of features. It covers every location around the globe. However, the main Google Maps app is quite bulky in terms of size. Thus, Google has developed this Go version to consume just 208kb of space. However, after installation, this app may take up additional space to accumulate up to 1MB space or more on your device. It works on the Google Chrome browser. You can also use other browsers. So, It consumes less storage compare with other Go Apps.

The app shows you locations, new places, and much more stuff. Also, as you would do on the main app, you can find the fastest route while avoiding traffic and bad roads. Furthermore, you will get real-time updates as regards traffic and other things. The app consumes 100x less space and still comes with virtually all features you will find on the main app.

Features of Google Maps Go

  • Supports over 70 languages
  • Offers comprehensive, accurate maps in 200 countries and territories
  • Provides accurate business information for over 100 million places
  • Simplified interface
  • easy to navigate
  • Works smoothly even when on low network coverage

Link: Get Google Maps GO

Gallery Go

This Gallery Go app has been downloaded over a million times from Google Playstore. It is quite impressive, it comes with built-in gallery apps. The Gallery Go app comes with extensive features for effective photo management, as well as supports an inbuilt image editor stocked with the essential photo editing tools.

Interestingly, this Go app automatically arranges your photos in a way you will quickly get to any picture you want to view at a time. The app organizes your images as People, Animals, Documents, Videos, Selfies, Nature and Movies. However, some features of this app are restricted to some countries. Nevertheless, you can activate dark mode on this app.

Features of Gallery Go

  • it works without an internet connection
  • Optimized for low RAM smartphones
  • Support basic image editing tools
  • Automatic organization of your photos and videos
  • Dark them support (Night Mode)

link: Get Gallery GO

Other Developers lite apps

Most of the other developers building Lightweight apps. You can always get these apps by typing “Lite” with your favorite app in Play Store. You will get those apps If they are available. I mentioned a few apps for your better understanding.

Twitter Lite

Twitter has its lite version. But, unlike Google apps, some features are limited. Whenever you post the tweets using this app, they will tell you to the Public you are using the Twitter Lite app. It is usual among the twitter platform. They will always tell which app you are used to posting tweets like Twitter, Web, Android, and iPhone. Remember Twitter Police MKBHD. It is the main reason why celebrities caught when they use different phones when they are committing to Android mobile Ambassadors…:)

Features of Twitter Lite

  • Optimized for fewer RAM smartphones
  • Support basic Options
  • Data Saving

Link: Get Twitter Lite

Other Apps

  • Facebook Lite:
    • Social Website App
  • Messenger Lite:
    • Facebook messenger app
  • Linkedin Lite:
    • job Search Portal
  • Uber Lite:
    • Cab booking App. You can also book cabs without using the app.


If I missed any essential apps, or you know additional apps in this list, comment us below! waiting for your valueable feedback!

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