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List of Mac Photos Keyboard Shortcuts

Mac Photos Keyboard Shortcuts
Written by Hassan Abbas

In this article, we’ve covered the list of Mac Photos Keyboard Shortcuts for the ease of everyone. Keyboard shortcuts provide you instant and easy ways to navigate your Mac and apps. Also, for those who use the Photos app on Mac, there are lots of shortcuts that help you to fulfill many tasks.

From viewing pictures and albums to cropping and rotating images, here are some easy keyboard shortcuts for Photos on Mac.

The Photos window

Just control the window for the Photos app using these keyboard shortcuts.

  • Minimize the window: Command + M
  • Enter or exit full-screen mode: Control + Command + F
  • Open the Preferences: Command + , (comma)
  • Hide the window: Command + H
  • Close and quit Photos: Command + W
  • Quit Photos: Command + Q

Viewing keyboard shortcuts

You can also view your photos, imported items, albums, recent additions, etc with these handy shortcuts.


  • Photos: Control + 1
  • Memories: Control + 2
  • Favorites: Control + 3
  • People: Control + 4
  • Places: Control + 5
  • Recent additions: Control + 6
  • Imported photos: Control + 7
  • View the next or previous photo in an album: Left Arrow or Right Arrow
  • Scroll through photos: Arrow keys
  • Open and close a photo: Space
  • Close a photo: Space or Escape
  • Find a photo: Command + F
  • Hide a photo: Command + L

In the Photos view:


  • Years: Command + 1
  • Months: Command + 2
  • Days: Command + 3
  • All photos: Command + 4

In the Memories view:


  • All Memories: Command + 1
  • Favorite Memories: Command + 2

Photo editing keyboard shortcuts

If you like to edit Photos app, simply open the photo for editing and then use these shortcuts.

  • Adjust a photo: Command + 1 or A
  • Apply a filter: Command + 2 or F
  • Crop a photo: Command + 3 or C
  • Enhance a photo: Command + E
  • Rotate a photo: Command + Option + R (clockwise), Command + R (counterclockwise)
  • Zoom in or out: Command + Plus Sign (+), Command + Hyphen (-)
  • Undo: Command + Z
  • Redo: Shift + Command + Z

Action keyboard shortcuts

For extra actions, you can perform in the Photos app, remember to keep these keyboard shortcuts in mind.

  • Create an album: Command + N
  • Paste a photo: Command + V
  • Create a Smart Album: Option + Command + N
  • Export photos: Shift + Command E
  • Create a folder: Shift + Command + N
  • Copy a photo: Command + C
  • Cut a photo: Command + X
  • Mark a photo as a Favorite: Period (.)
  • Delete a photo: Command + Delete
  • Delete a photo from an album only: Delete
  • Import photos: Shift + Command + I
  • Print a photo: Command + P


Thankfully, these keyboard shortcuts for the Photos app will help you do things quicker and easier. If you’re the one who likes to keep fingers on their keys, besides using a mouse or trackpad, they’re just convenient.

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