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List of Free Star Wars Games for Android

List of Free Star Wars Games for Android
Written by Hassan Abbas

On May 4, Star Wars Day is celebrated, and although the reason is as coarse as a word game (may the 4th be with you!), The truth is that it is a date of hilarious for the fans of the galactic saga in all its slopes. To celebrate, here is a compendium with all the free Star Wars video games that we can find on Android.

List of Free Star Wars Games for Android

Star Wars: Force Arena

The genre of the MOBA has been the one that has grown the most over the last year on Android after making the leap from the competitive PC. Star Wars: Force Arena (Initially called Battlegrounds) uses these mechanics to offer a strategy game in real time in which we must destroy the building of the rival controlling our hero while receiving the support of troops that we can “summon” in the field of battle.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Star Wars: Puzzle Droids

Another genre by antonomasia on mobile platforms is that of puzzles. Star Wars: Puzzle Droids can pass for the umpteenth clone of Candy Crush Saga, but has enough arguments to give it a try. Each of the levels and their associated mechanics are set in different scenes of the Force Awakening, turning the mechanical anodyne of breaking genitals of colors into a much more fun experience than it already is for many.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

The Star Wars universe is so big that it lends itself to the conceptual hodgepodge where it is more important to see the iconic characters zurrándose than living adventures that fit into their convoluted chronology. Galaxy of Heroes offers just that, turn-based battles between teams of characters with different abilities encompassed in different missions with which to improve the skills of our troop, to have access to new challenges and to restart. And besides, it’s very, very nice.

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Star Wars: Rivals

Star Wars: Rivals is a third-person action title that puts us in the shoes of the best-known characters of the saga, both the original trilogy and the later ones. Its main asset, besides the fact of reliving iconic clashes, is the possibility of participating in online PvP combats.

Star Wars: Revolution

The first game for Android that fits into the new (or at least revised) Star Wars chronology for the new trilogy. The excuse is to end the remains of an Empire touched after the destruction of the second Death Star in Episode VI, although we already know that it would not end very well. In this case, we have an entertaining action game in which we must overcome small missions as dungeons in which we must manage the use of our skills.

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Star Wars Rebels: Recon

The adventures of Ezra and his group of rebels are told in the animated series Star Wars Rebels for the Disney XD channel, with an argument that revolves around the events that take place between episodes III and IV during the founding of the alliance rebel. This game recovers situations and characters of this series as a side platform.

Star Wars: Commander

The good thing about the Star Wars formula is that having such a rich background and internalized by several generations, it can adapt to any mechanic without the hodgepodge ‘chirping’. In this case, the confrontation between the empire and the rebels is shaped following the mechanics of the known Clash of Clans , that is, management of buildings and troops generated in ascending time bands and planning of attack to enemy bases, being able to accelerate our progression with the inevitable (and at least optional) micropayments. Disney knows what the common people ask for.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Angry Birds Star Wars 1 and 2

Around with bets on the winning horse, especially if we talk about the star saga of Rovio. Put a Darth Vader helmet on a chicken Mosqueda and you have legions of fans downloading the umpteenth turn off the Star Wars saga. Same mechanics with touches of the galactic lore. Such is the degree of success that more dolls and board games of Angry Birds Star Wars currently sell than of the birds and pigs ‘alone’.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁
The app was not found in the store. 🙁

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LEGO Star Wars 1 and 2

There is practically a LEGO Star Wars in every gaming platform that has emerged during the last decade. The well-known construction game is a winning card that has flirted with brands of all kinds, from Marvel and DC superheroes to other film sagas known as Harry Potter. In the case of both versions for Android, the common guidelines are maintained throughout the series, alternating platform levels with other arcade driving proposals while collecting pieces and crossing iconic places in the series, adding in the second part of the game’s own mechanics. strategy with unit development.

Star Wars: Force Collection

We return to what is mentioned in Commander, as with the Guile theme, Stars Wars sticks with everything, and given the ‘nerd’ character of the expanded universe and adaptation of the saga to different areas, the lore moves like a fish in the water if we talk about collectible card games. Force Collection proposes us to create decks of cards with which to overcome confrontations based on statistics, points of life, attack and special abilities. A hodgepodge of combats between iconic characters and vehicles from different areas courtesy of Konami herself. For what we have been …

Star Wars Battlefront Companion

Extra ball More than a game as an entity itself is the companion app of the successful Star Wars Battlefront, which in addition to managing our progress in the game allows you to cast games to a card minigame with which to earn credits that we can later use in his older brother.

SW Battlefront Companion
SW Battlefront Companion
Price: Free

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