List of Macs and iPads with Sidecar Compatibility

Written by Hassan Abbas

Searching which Macs and iPads model support Sidecar? If you’re curious as to whether or not a Mac and iPad is compatible with Sidecar. Then you’ll find the list of supported devices below to be helpful. Not all Mac and iPad models support the feature, but most new models do.

Sidecar is the helpful new feature introduced in iPadOS 13 and MacOS Catalina 10.15. It allows an iPad to function as an external display for a Mac. Some MacOS Catalina users have attempted to use Sidecar but found it’s not working on their iPad and Mac combination. Perhaps thinking it’s a problem with MacOS Catalina when in fact it’s just a matter of system compatibility. So let’s review which devices Sidecar works for.

Sidecar System Requirements for Mac & iPad

Sidecar is only compatible with some of the latest models of iPad and Mac hardware.

iPad Models with Sidecar Support

iPad must be running iPadOS 13 or later, and must be one of the following devices:

  • All models of iPad Pro
  • iPad Air (3rd generation and newer)
  • 7th generation iPad and newer
  • iPad (6th generation and newer)
  • iPad mini 5 (and newer)

Maybe you notice that only the iPad models with Apple Pencil support will also support Sidecar (and yes, you can use Sidecar without having an Apple Pencil, just use touch interaction instead).

Macs with Sidecar Compatibility

The Mac must be running MacOS Catalina 10.15 or later, and must be one of the following computers:

  • 2016 MacBook Pro or newer
  • M.Book Air (2018) or newer
  • MacBook (Early 2016) or newer
  • Mac Mini (2018) or newer
  • Mac Pro (2019)
  • iMac Pro (2017) or newer
  • iMac (Late 2015) or newer

For Mac, you can confirm that Sidecar is enabled and available on the Mac by going to the System Preferences and checking the Sidecar preferences.

Assuming you meet the system requirements for using Sidecar on Mac and iPad, you must have the two devices with Handoff enabled and within range of one another, and the feature should work and be available.


As you can see, there are different other iPad and Mac models that do not support Sidecar. Even if they are compatible with MacOS Catalina and compatible with iPadOS 13. So if you updated your devices to the latest OS but find that it is not working, perhaps it’s because of a compatibility issue with the hardware not being supported.

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