LG K40 Update: Android Pie For US

Android Pie For US
Written by Hassan Abbas

Android Pie For US: Here you find the latest software updates for LG K40 handset. While T-Mobile’s K40 released with Android 9 Pie itself onboard. It wasn’t the case for most of the variants of the device. But hopefully, the Pie update is now available in some parts of the world, including Europe. As it is on the way for the US Unlocked K40 units too. Just check out the timeline tables below to get more info on it.

South Korean OEM, LG, hasn’t been the most efficient when it comes to offering value for money, feature-rich smartphone devices. But companies like Google, Samsung, and OnePlus have been prominent at the upper end of the market spectrum. Manufacturers like Xiaomi and Motorola have ensured that there are no free meals in the budget category.

The K40 isn’t LG’s coolest product by any means. But still, it’s a capable device in its own way. It features a respectable 5.7-inch HD+ display, an amazing 8MP primary camera and 5MP secondary camera, 2GB of RAM, and lifetime 3000 mAh battery.

In this article, however, we’re not concerned about the phone’s hardware capabilities but we focus its primarily software updates. From big Android OS launches to regular security updates, bookmark this page to keep yourself up-to-date with all the latest info about your favorite LG K40.

Latest News

In the last year on November 10, 2019, After T-Mobile, the US Unlocked variant of the LG K40 is preparing to receive Android 9 Pie. Currently, LG is testing beta Android Pie on LG K40 using model number LMX420QN. In the next few years, the software should hit the devices.

LG launched Pie for European users in October. It also announced the Korean version of K40, called LG X4, would also get Pie in the fourth quarter of 2019.

Global LG K40 Update Timeline

Model number: LMX420EM

Software version — Changelog
08 Oct 2019 NA — Android 9 Pie update

T-Mobile LG K40 Update Timeline

Software version — Changelog
27 Sep 2019 PKQ1.190302.001 — Original software (based on Android Pie)

MetroPCS LG K40 Update Timeline

Model number: LMX420MM

Software version — Changelog
10 Oct 2019 X420MM10k — Usability improvements, October 2019 security patch
Aug 2019 LMX420MM10g — August 2019 security patch
Jul 2019 X420MM10d — July 2019 security patch

US Unlocked LG K40 Update Timeline

Software version — Changelog
NA Android 9 Pie update coming soon


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