LG has filed a patent for a smartphone with sixteen cameras

Written by Hassan Abbas

The double and triple camera is no surprise, LG has filed a patent for a smartphone with sixteen cameras. According to leaks fused into the network, we can consider the very panel with lenses that are located at different viewing angles, which in theory will allow us to more accurately work with the depth of the frame.

In addition, the patent describes a kind of auxiliary mirror, which should help during the creation of selfies. And also, we will be given the opportunity to create 3D-images, and if you look closely at the renders, you can note the function of mixing different parts of photos taken from completely different images.

At the moment, unfortunately, the future plans of LG for the development of this patent are unknown, perhaps all this will remain only in theory, but let’s hope that we will soon see another decent and unusual device on the market.

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