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Let’s Have a Look on Galaxy S20 5G Models

Galaxy S20 5G Support Models
Written by Hassan Abbas

Galaxy S20 5G Models: Last year Qualcomm make an announcement that its next big chipset. The Snapdragon 865, would only ship with the X55 modem onboard that allows 5G networking. There was no need to speculate about whether Samsung’s next flagships would include 5G. Qualcomm already secures the deal. Unfortunately, the Galaxy S20 family reaches with 5G capabilities on every model, but not every model is the same.

In a nutshell, all of the Galaxy S20 series use the sub-6 bands for 5G networking. But only the two large Galaxy S20 Ultra and Galaxy S20+ will be capable of using mmWave 5G networks. In the U.S., 5G networks are still in their infancy and carriers are anticipated to expand beyond their first deployment concepts. However, this is what we have right now.

T-Mobile is dominating sub-6 coverage using a network that is far-arriving but not much quicker. Occasionally also slower than the fastest local LTE networks. AT&T and Verizon both are using mmWave for their 5G coverage. However, it is faster but also has serious limitations on obstacles and distance. Well, mmWave 5G is a power hog. Also, it is likely why it’s only active on the larger phones. However, the Galaxy S20 is no stoop with its 4,000 mAh battery.

The network is using its own bandwidth for a longer distance than mmWave and quicker speeds than sub-6. Recently, the approval of the merger with T-Mobile will surely call all of the smallest carrier’s future network plans into question.

Not the best thing in the Galaxy

It’s good to view Samsung make an aggressive push into 5G with Qualcomm acting as the wind in the sails due to its more customers screaming for 5G access will accelerate the development of the network. However, it’s still so early in the 5G rollout, that the eventual 5G networks we will know and love in 5 years seem different than what we have today. The Galaxy S20 looks future-proof also it supports all current flavors of 5G. This only indicates how early we are in the latest network days.

It’s might be too early to purchase a phone primarily because you want 5G. Also, it’s not time to reject phones due to their lack of 5G. The Galaxy S20 will arrive with lots of innovation. Also, Samsung avoids nine whole numbers. The 5G networking capabilities offer a sight of the future, but the future is likely to change.


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