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Legend of Solgard for PC – A Unique RPG Game

Legend of Solgard for PC
Written by Hassan Abbas


Legend of Solgard for PCLegend of Solgard for PC. Since the release of the video game to collect candies par excellence seems that things have gone very well to its developer. King has continued to launch simple and addictive games that have become essential for a good number of Android devices. The new member of this family of video games is Legend of Solgard, a fun mix of genres that work perfectly and that is set in Nordic mythology.

King’s new game follows the usual line of his titles in regards to the single-player mode: we will have to overcome phase by phase with as many stars as possible. In addition, we return to the usual mechanics of connect-three (match-three) that has worked so well for the company. So what’s new in Legend of Solgard? And the answer is that a lot since we are facing a kind of tactical RPG that is the most attractive.


In each screen, we will face an enemy and to beat him we must connect three pieces or more. But we will not make combinations of fruits, candies or similar, but we have a kind of army of creatures based on the Nordic myths that we will merge to attack the enemy . And all while we prevent their creatures from attacking our invocation portal, since, if they harm us enough, we will have lost the game. So an intelligent strategy to win is to place our creatures on the same line where the enemies are, something that will allow us to block the damage we are going to receive or anticipate and end up with the alien monsters themselves when we make our attack.

Legend of Solgard for PC

As we advance in Legend of Solgard we will unlock more and more skills, all based on combining a minimum number of creatures in a certain arrangement. A proposal more than interesting that, although it is simple, has more substance than it seems at first sight. In addition, we can do many things more than just enjoy in campaign mode: compete with other people through its PVP mode, unlock new creatures and empower them, form clans with other players,

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Solgard is turning into winter, his creatures trapped in ice crystals and their worlds turning to ice. Ragnarok, the end of the world has begun and only Embla can stop it. With the powers of The Sun Goddess, it depends on Embla to gather an army of creatures and, together, conquer the bad ice that threatens their world.

Create an army of creatures, explore the worlds of Solgard and discover the secrets of the Nordic legend with this new epic RPG.


  • Test your skills against other heroes in the Battle Arena
  • Form guilds with other players and fight together to defeat powerful guild bosses.
  • Collect allies and treasures of the Nordic legend
  • Cultivate and empower your hero and army
  • Use tactics and strategies to guide an army of creatures
  • Develop your hero with divine powers
  • Battle with creatures and fantasy bosses

Steps to Play Legend of Solgard for PC

To play Legend of Solgard for PC on PC you need to download the game on your computer. Maybe through an APK, and an emulator.


Download Legend of Solgard for PC APK

Play Store:

Legend of Solgard
Legend of Solgard
Price: Free

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How to Download Legend of Solgard for PC on Windows an Mac

To use Download Legend of Solgard for PC. You first need to download and Install Emulator of Your Choice. Here is the List of Top 5 Emulators. or the Bluestacks 3

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