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New Leaked Photos and Videos of iPhone SE 2 are here

Written by Hassan Abbas

In recent days the possible arrival of a new second generation iPhone SE has been rumored for this coming May. All the rumors point to similar characteristics and now, new photos show us how this iPhone SE 2 could be if they are real.

Photographs from Chinese social networks are by no means a reliable source, however, it would not be the first time a new Apple device is filtered directly from the factories of its suppliers. This time we see an iPhone completely assembled with the design of the iPhone SE but a glass back instead of aluminum.

Leaked Photos iPhone SE 2

Wireless charging and internal enhancements for a second generation iPhone SE

The iPhone SE is a special edition, which by keeping four inches, also maintains lower prices. Apple takes advantage of this model to be able to offer a high-end, quality product at a lower price, and thus cover that part of the market. In this second generation SE iPhone it is expected to keep this idea, therefore, it may be an update of the current one.

Is this updating exactly what it means? For example the use of an A10 Fusion chip and some more RAM and graphics capacity. But above all, it would mean fully entering the wireless charge that has arrived with the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. For wireless charging, it is necessary to use a material other than aluminum, in this case, Apple has opted for the crystal, and in the photographs of the possible iPhone SE 2, we also see the use of glass. And yes, it keeps the 3.5mm jack connector.

Leaked Photos iPhone SE 2

Whether the images are true or not, if the iPhone SE arrives this year, it would have to do so during the month of May. It does not make sense to leave it for the WWDC 2018 in June because it is an event where it would lose prominence before the software novelties and those possible new iPad Pro. On the other hand, September is reserved for the most powerful iPhone and with new features. We will leave doubts these weeks.

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