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League of Legends Quit Unexpectedly in Mac

League of Legends Quit
Written by Kelly Houstan

If you guys are a league of legends fanatic and also have been playing for a lot of years. Then you know the need to have a smooth and fast gaming experience. As an LoL fan, the worst thing that can actually happen to you is suddenly hanging or being unable to jump back into the game as well. This is a really big issue, especially whenever it comes to gaming on the Mac, where it can terminate unexpectedly out of nowhere as well. Just read this article to know all about League of Legends Quit Unexpectedly in Mac. Let’s start!

League of Legends among many other applications can quit unexpectedly in the Mac OS due to some backend issues or security updates. If in one OS version your application was also working without any issues, a software update can render it useless too. This is due to the new software update in your Mac not supporting the outdated application. One way is basically to wait for a software update for League of Legends, and another is just to diagnose and fix some issues in your Mac settings.

However, there’s no single sure-shot fix to this issue, here are the steps that you can try in order to solve the error on your Mac:

League of Legends Quit Unexpectedly in Mac

  • In your Mac spotlight, now search for Keychain Access in the text box. Whenever the Keychain Access window opens up. Then type “League of Legends”, “LoL”, or also any other name it might be saved with.
  • The results opened after the search window executes will also show a single file to you. Just double tap on the file and you guys would see two “Trust”, and “Details” sections as well.
  • First, you have to change the “When using this certificate:” option to “Always Trust” if it wasn’t set to it before actually. Next, just make sure that all the boxes in the current window show “Always Trust”.
  • This will basically fix the issue of your application quitting unexpectedly. Further, you guys can verify it with starting the League of Legends application and logging into the server again as well.

However, it is best in order to check and restart the Mac like any other issue fix. Many issues can be caused via an outdated OS, application, or also even drivers. Your updated Mac OS may not support really the application and trust it. And then changing it along with the above steps should fix most issues along with incompatibility. Further, some issues along with terminating unexpectedly can even be caused via backend server updates. Providing the game useless due to updated mechanisms among other issues. In case your application is stuck at the login window, and then it is best to reset your password as well.

Try to replace the Projects folder | League of Legends Quit

The Projects folder contains files that are also required for the game in order to launch properly. If these files are corrupted then it can also cause this problem. In order to fix this you guys will have to replace the folder.

  • Head to the game installation folder and then open the “RADS” folder.
  • From the “RADS” folder, right-tap on the “Projects” folder and choose “cut“.
  • Right-tap on anywhere on the desktop and choose “paste“.
  • Whenever all the files have successfully been moved try to open the game executable.
  • The game will actually download the missing files.
  • Now move the “Projects” folder back into the “RADS” folder without even closing the download process.
  • Just select the “Overwrite” option whenever the notification prompts you to as well.
  • After the folder is moved, then open the game executable again.
  • The downloading process will now have jumped almost to the end actually
  • After the download process finishes, now the game will automatically be launched.

Now you have to check if the  League of Legends not opening issue still occurs.

Update the game client

There are instances whenever the problem can be caused via corrupted .dll files of the game. If this is the case then you will have to delete these files.

  • Head to the game installation folder and then open the “RADS” folder.
  • Inside the “RADS” folder, then open the “Projects” folder and then delete the “lol_launcher” and “lol_patcher” folders.
  • Now head back to the main installation folder of the game and delete all the “aps_ms_win….dll” files. Only you can delete the “aps_ms_win….dll” files.
  • Double-tap on the “lol_launcher” located inside the main game directory as well.
  • It will then take a longer period of time to open than it most of the time does and will begin to download an update to the client.
  • No just wait for the process to finish

Now check if the  League of Legends not opening issue still occurs.


Well, That is all from my side. If you want to know more about this article or have any queries. Then feel free to ask me anything in the comments section below.

Have a Good Day!

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