Keyboard Shortcuts For The TV App On Mac

Keyboard shortcuts for the TV app on Mac
Written by Hassan Abbas

After using the TV app on your Mac, you’ve some best choices for watching a good drama or movie without having to enable your TV. Also, you can watch without lots of advertisements, and pause anytime to take a bowl of popcorn. So if you’re laying on the bed or sitting on your couch with your Mac. So, browsing the TV app for a movie or show or getting ready to play one you’ve found. Remember you know these quick keyboard shortcuts for scrolling around the app quicker.

The TV App Window

Control and navigate the TV app window with these keyboard shortcuts.

  • Open TV preferences: Command + , (comma)
  • Open the Info window: Command + I (capital letter “i”)
  • Hide or unhide the status bar: Command + / (slash)
  • Open the View Options window: Command + J
  • Display the filter field: Shift + Command + F
  • Hide everything except TV: Option + Command + H
  • Hide the TV app: Command + H
  • Open the TV app: Command + 0 (zero)
  • Minimize the TV app: Command + M
  • Input or exit full-screen mode: Option + Command + F
  • Switch between the maximum and custom window sizes: Option + click the green button
  • Close the TV app: Command + W
  • Quit the TV app: Command + Q

Controlling Playback Shortcuts

Use these essential shortcuts during a show or movie in the TV app.

  • Play or pause: Space bar
  • Fast forward or rewind an episode: Shift + Command + Right Arrow or Left Arrow
  • Move forward: Command + ] (right bracket)
  • Move back: Command + [ (left bracket)
  • Enable the volume up or down: Command + Up Arrow or Down Arrow
  • Reload the page: Command + R

TV Playlists Shortcuts

If you like to use the TV app’s playlist feature, then keep these keyboard shortcuts in mind.

  • New playlist: Command + N
  • New Smart Playlist: Option + Command + N
  • Refresh the selected playlist: Command + R
  • New playlist from selection: Shift + Command + N
  • Remove a playlist without confirming: Command + Delete
  • Import a video file: Command + O (capital letter O)


If you’re want to use the TV app on your Mac, these essential keyboard shortcuts are just what you want to navigate easier. Do you want to use them? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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