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Keyboard Shortcuts For Mac Messages

keyboard shortcuts for Mac messages
Written by Hassan Abbas

Who doesn’t want keyboard shortcuts for Mac messages? Supposing you can remember them, these quite handy little shortcuts enable you to do all sorts of things without lifting your fingers from the keyboard.

We’ve categorized a list of keyboard shortcuts that you can use for the Messages app on your Mac. Also, bookmark the page and get ready to maneuver your messages like a pro.

The Messages Window

However, the message window opens and enable, you can also perform the following keyboard shortcuts. If you want to:

  • Minimize the window: Command + M
  • Hide the window: Command + H
  • Hide all other windows: Option + Command + H
  • Close the window: Command + W
  • Open the window: Command + 0 (zero)
  • Put the window in full-screen: Control + Command F
  • Open Messages Preferences: Command + , (comma)
  • Search Messages: Command + F
  • Open Emojis: Control + Command + Space
  • Open Spelling and Grammar: Shift + Command + : (colon)
  • Quit Messages: Command + Q

Conversation shortcuts

If you want to navigate and taking action on your conversations, then try these shortcuts.

  • Start a new conversation: Command + N
  • Clear a conversation: Option + Command + K
  • Delete a conversation: Delete
  • Close all conversations: Option + Shift + Command + W
  • Print a conversation: Command + P
  • Select the next conversation: Control + Tab
  • Select the previous conversation: Control + Shift + Tab

Text message shortcuts

However, these shortcuts are quite handy for manipulating the text in your messages.

  • Enhance text size: Command + Plus Sign (+)
  • Decrease text size: Command + Hyphen (-)
  • Insert a break: Option + Return
  • Copy text: Command + C
  • Paste text: Command + V
  • Use Spelling and Grammar check: Command + ; (semicolon)
  • Share an email to the contact: Option + Command + E


You might notice some keyboard shortcuts are used with other Mac apps. These shortcuts are like those for copying and pasting text. But make sure many others differ so just remember before using one that it will do what you expect.

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