Keyboard Shortcuts For Mac Calculator

Keyboard Shortcuts For Mac Calculator
Written by Hassan Abbas

Do you want to use keyboard shortcuts for the Mac calculator? Who is the one who doesn’t love keyboard shortcuts on Mac? Using handy key-presses, you can perform all types of actions or tasks. Also, if you’re a Mac user that takes benefit of the built-in Calculator app, then you want this list of keyboard shortcuts.

Some are quite obvious but the majority for the various calculator modes are not. So, take a look at these Calculator keyboard shortcuts for Mac.

Basic calculator shortcuts

Perform instant calculations such as subtraction or addition or clear the calculator to initiate a new one using these shortcuts.

  • Clear: Escape or C
  • Clear all: Option + Escape
  • Remove the last digit: Delete
  • Add: Plus Sign (+)
  • Subtract: Hyphen (-)
  • Multiply: Asterisk (*)
  • Divide: Forward Slash (/)
  • Equal: Equal Sign (=)
  • Negate the value: Option + Hyphen (-)

Scientific calculator shortcuts

If you move over to the scientific mode in the Calculator app, then keep these keyboard shortcuts in mind.

  • Exponential notation: Shift + E
  • Calculate the factorial of the value: Exclamation Point (!)
  • Calculate the logarithm of the value: E
  • Raise the value to the power of the other entered value: Caret (^)

RPN calculator shortcuts

For those using the RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) mode frequently, these shortcuts are here for you.

  • Move the two numbers on the stack: Command + E
  • Erase the bottom number from the stack: Command + Delete
  • Switch the current number entered (up) on the stack: Command + Up Arrow
  • Move the current number entered down on the stack: Command + Down Arrow


Here’s all about “Keyboard shortcuts For Mac Calculator”. After using keyboard shortcuts on Mac is quite an easy way to use these shortcuts. Is there a specific app on Mac that you use keyboard shortcuts for?

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