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Jumbo for iPhone: A Powerful Privacy Assistant

Written by Hassan Abbas

Jumbo for iPhone: Jumbo promises to make it easier and to take control of your data, privacy, and security. By making it easy to remove your social profiles with just a few clicks. All from within one app.

Jumbo also scans apps you use and your social profiles on Facebook, Google, Twitter, Amazon. Also, the dark web provides actionable recommendations that boost your online privacy and security. Instagram, LinkedIn, and other services are coming by way of future updates.

For instance, a prompt appears that Facebook has face recognition turned on for your account. You can also stop tracking across multiple social profiles with just a few clicks. Jumbo does all that in an efficient manner that respects user privacy. Also, it scans data from your iPhone. After the scan, processes it on-device without storing your confidential information on servers.

Key Features:

Here are the amazing features of Jumbo. Let’s come and take a look:

Boost your security

  • Boost the security of your Google, Facebook and other internet and social media accounts.
  • Monitor the dark web for data violations.
  • Decrease the number of unwanted robocalls.
  • Coming soon: Clear your real address, phone number and email from data brokers. Also, Monitor the dark web for compromised social security numbers, credit card info and other confidential data. Browse the web safely, with data encryption.

Reduce your digital footprint

  • Remove old tweets from Twitter.
  • Delete old Facebook posts.
  • Remove voice recordings from Alexa.
  • Coming soon: Erase old images from Instagram. Delete all your dating activities: photos, profiles, and messages.

Limit tracking

  • Turn off Facebook’s facial recognition feature.
  • Limit Google’s use of your search history.
  • Protect your data from being used by Google and Facebook for ads and advertisers.
  • Limit ads that follow you around.
  • Avoid third parties from collecting and selling your data without your consent.
  • Limit location tracking by Google and Facebook.
  • Coming soon: Hide your IP from your ISP, apps, and websites.

Prevent data leaks

  • Restrict what info your Facebook profile shows to the public.
  • Restrict who can tag you on Facebook and review tags on posts before they show up on your timeline.
  • Browse in private mode on LinkedIn.
  • Coming soon: Remove your data from data brokers.

It’s great seeing that an abundance of advanced features is already been worked on. I also suggest building a web interface for Jumbo so that anyone could use it.


Here’s all about Jumbo for iPhone. We recommended you to take Jumbo for a spin. For further queries and questions let us know in the comment section below. Also, drop a comment if you want to share anything else.

Till then! Keep Smiling 🙂

Jumbo is available at no charge from App Store.

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