Japanese Patented iOS Interface in 2009

Written by Hassan Abbas

Japanese entrepreneur and inventor Toshiyasu Abe sued Apple for allegedly violating his patents for the user interface in his iOS keyboard and technology for recognizing the force of pressing the 3D Touchscreen. So far, the court has not agreed to the suit.

The complaint of the Japanese says:

“Patent number 699 [one of the Japanese patents] describes a touch device with a number of buttons displayed on the screen, each associated with additional symbols or functions. When you touch a specific key, all of its additional symbols or functions are displayed. Items from the open context menu are selected by touching them. The device can recognize the force of pressing on the screen. “

Images from patents to Toshiyasu Abe

In other words, Toshiyasu Abe believes that Apple illegally uses its patented interface. The Japanese saw the violation from Apple not only in interaction with the technology of 3D Touch but also in the new keyboard for the iPad. With the release of iOS 11, in the standard touch keyboard for tablets, it was possible to enter additional characters by “pulling” the (down) buttons down. According to Abe, this also violates his patents.

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According to the plaintiff, he negotiated with Apple since 2009, but they did not lead to anything. In his opinion, with the release of iOS 11, the “apple” corporation not only itself violates the patents of the Japanese entrepreneur but also supports the development of third-party keyboards that also use 3D Touch and swipe control. It, as summed up by Toshiyasu Abe, is extremely popular in Japanese keyboards.

In iOS 12, developers have introduced one more feature, which, most likely, will seem to the Japanese another violation of patents – turning the keyboard into a touchpad by a long tap on it. Previously, this feature was only present on devices with 3D Touch support (to use it you need to press one of the buttons strongly).

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