Latest Jailbreak tweaks : PureFocus, SafariElectro, IconTweak and more

Written by Hassan Abbas

Having a jailbroken iPhone or iPad manner that you can alter that tool outside of Apple’s inventory parameters. However, it’s now not always clean to know wherein you need to start. Jailbreak tweaks: PureFocus, SafariElectro, IconTweak and more are coming.

This handy week-give up roundup will embody all the contemporary jailbreak tweaks launched from Monday, October 28 to Sunday, November third. As continually, we’ll kick matters off by discussing our favorites and then wrap matters up with an outline of the relaxation in a while.

Our preferred releases this week

AlwaysLatestTimelineTwitter – FREE

I virtually hate how the respectable Twitter app continually attempts to revert me back to ‘Top’ Tweets instead of ‘Latest’ Tweets in my News Feed. But a brand new jailbreak tweak called AlwaysLatestTimelineTwitter fixes this through preventing it from ever taking place once more.

You can research extra approximately AlwaysLatestTimelineTwitter and the way it works in our full review.

PureFocus – $1.50

It’s honestly smooth to get distracted on a smartphone, specifically with all of the apps you could open in an immediate. But if you’re trying to stay effective, then a brand new jailbreak tweak known as PureFocus can assist.

PureFocus allows by way of locking you out of positive apps and websites for a predefined amount of time to make certain that you can end your vital paintings earlier than playing around.

You can research more about PureFocus and where to get it in our complete review.

Safari Electro – $1.00

Mobile Safari is superb at the iPad, but it leaves loads to be preferred at the iPhone because it lacks some of the iPad’s beneficial computing device-magnificence net surfing capabilities.

Moreover, Safari Electro is here to assist, as it augments the Safari net browsing experience on any iOS device with functions that can benefit energy users and ordinary users alike. For instance, it brings a Favorites Bar and switcher-primarily based web page choice interface to the iPhone.

You can study greater about Safari Electro and the way it could make your web surfing enjoy better in our complete assessment.

Other releases this week

AquaBoard X (iOS 11/12):

Moreover, Fun and quirky aqua consequences for SpringBoard ($2.Sixty nine thru BigBoss repository)

Canvas Visuals DL for Spotify:

Lets you download canvas visuals from the Spotify Music app (free thru Packix repository)


Autoplays the next video in the doujin app (free via BigBoss repository)


Change your Lock screen’s time font (unfastened through Packix repository)


Makes Home screen factors glow (unfastened thru BigBoss repository)

GoogleWindow 12:

Moreover, Lets you use an Activator movement to summon a Google interface from anywhere ($1.50 via Packix repository)


Custom controls and greater for your Home display screen’s app icons ($0.Ninety nine via Packix repository – assessment)


Brings the iOS 13 keyboard sound to iOS 12 (unfastened thru BigBoss repository)


Moreover, Plays a track even as your Home display is in ‘jiggle’ enhancing mode (unfastened through Packix repository)

List Switchers:

Displays your App Switcher as a utility list in place of a card switcher ($1.00 thru Packix repository)


Moreover, Locks your apps and makes you draw a sample to unencumber them ($2.00 via Packix repository)


Makes these days-added historical past crimson (free via CydiaGeek’s beta repository)


Moreover, Lets you keep snapshots and movies within the Snapchat app and share them ($1.99 through Packix repository)

Shy Page Dots XS:

Hides web page dots from the Home screen whilst you aren’t paging (free thru Twickd repository)


Moreover, An upgraded Bluetooth connection experience for iOS ($1.49 through Twickd repository)


Changes each 10 and O to an X in your jailbroken device (free via Twickd repository)


Moreover, Brings the Telegram Voice Player to the WhatsApp Messenger app (unfastened via BigBoss repository)


Various improvements for the WeChat app (unfastened thru BigBoss repository)


Moreover, Enables a confirmation while sending emoticons in the WeChat app (loose via CydiaGeek’s beta repository)

That pretty much wraps things up for this week’s jailbreak tweak roundup. Moreover, however, stay tuned to iDB at some point of the week to remain updated concerning novel releases as they materialize.

Moreover, If you’re seeking out greater tweaks, then don’t forget including 1/3-party Cydia repositories in your device to increase your scope and check out ultimate week’s jailbreak tweak roundup in case you would possibly neglect something.

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