iPhone XS and XS Max failed drop tests, smartphones turned out to be very fragile

iPhone XS and XS Max
Written by Hassan Abbas

It is highly discouraged to drop new Apple smartphones, otherwise, there is a possibility that not only glass panels will be broken, but the screen itself. During the presentation of their new smartphones, Apple emphasized the particular strength of the glass in the models of the iPhone XS and XS Max. This only fueled interest in checking such a statement in practice, which the American insurance company SquareTrade did.

While some disassemble the iPhone XS before the cog, and others scratch, burn and bend the iPhone XS Max, SquareTrade arranged for new smartphones Apple their tests. The first test consisted of the fact that both devices are alternately dropped from a height of 1.8 m onto the concrete surface. The result was disappointing – the glass front and back was covered with a cobweb of cracks. And in the case of the iPhone XS, when it falls on the screen, the display itself got damaged.

The next test in a rotating drum for a minute also showed the fragility of the glass panels of the iPhone XS and XS Max. During the bend test, the iPhone XS screen cracked at a pressure of 250 Lbs (pounds per inch). Max version, for some reason they did not show, maybe the situation there is even worse because of the larger display. In conclusion, new smartphones were given a bath in a tank filled with almost 70 liters of beer. Apparatus dropped to a depth of 1.5 m and held there for 30 minutes. With this test, they coped perfectly well.

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As a result, the iPhone XS received 86 points from SquareTrade, and the iPhone XS Max – 70 points on the risk scale (higher – worse). The company noted that both devices were stronger than last year’s iPhone X, but they are still very fragile and dropping them is highly discouraged.

Via; GSMArena

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