iPhone Owners have More Chances of Date than Android Users

iPhone Owners
Written by Hassan Abbas

Along with clothes, the smartphone has become an important attribute of the image of a person who decides much in relations with the opposite sex.

iPhone Owners

iPhone Owners

The American startup Decluttr, which sells unwanted things, conducted a survey among its clients to find out whether the smartphone brand influences the acquaintance with the opposite sex and how this could potentially affect further relations. Looking ahead, we will say that a mobile device plays an important role in this business. If previously met on clothes, now the current youth meets on the smartphone.

So, 70% of respondents prefer to meet with a partner who has an iPhone, because “Apple’s smartphone is reliability and classic.” At the same time, iPhone owners are more loyal than Android-users, since they often agree to go on a date with a person from another “mobile sandbox” (65% vs. 53%).

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During the meeting, especially if it does not go as well as one would like, almost half of the respondents admitted that they “leave” into smartphones and begin to correspond with someone they know. And more often it is done by iPhone users, who usually solve all the questions and end the relationship through correspondence.

Another interesting detail – the state of the smartphone, which, oddly enough, more people pay attention to men. A crack on the screen can adversely affect the first impression of you, as it demonstrates an inability to take care of things or speaks of financial insolvency. Girls are not so worried about the cracked screens on their partners’ smartphones, however, they prefer not to go again to date with these guys.

And what do you think about this? Does it matter to you, what kind of smartphone does a person with whom you meet?

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